Keeping cool in the heat: ecto’s innovative cooling chairs and cushions

ecto Chair TOPR Cooling Seat
From left to right, you'll see the basic ecto Chair, the TOPR seat cushion, and a fully-featured version of the Chair with all the bells and whistles. Images © ecto

Summertime is synonymous with heat, and although sun shades can offer some respite, they have their limits. Enter ecto, a revolutionary product designed to combat the sweltering sun in a way that’s never been done before—by cooling your chair. The innovative technology is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign and is the brainchild of Atlanta-based entrepreneur Aaron Carmack.

The ecto product line includes two main offerings: the ecto Chair and the ecto TOPR cushion. The former is a complete chair setup, while the latter is designed as a topper that can be added to an existing chair.

The cooling mechanism in both the ecto Chair and ecto TOPR works through an integrated pump that draws ice water from a user’s cooler. This water is then circulated through 54 feet (16.5 meters) of thermal tubing embedded within the seat. A single-button control unit gives users the ability to choose from three cooling levels, which keep the seat at temperatures of 65, 55, or 45 ºF (18, 13, or 7 ºC), respectively.

Battery life is a crucial factor for any portable gadget, and ecto seems to have this covered. The system offers an optional 5-volt/5,000-mAh lithium-ion battery that is reported to last for nine hours on the highest cooling setting. If you opt for the lowest cooling level, the battery life extends up to an impressive 36 hours. For those who can’t wait to beat the heat, there’s a Super Chill Mode that cools the seat to 45 ºF in just 90 seconds, albeit at the expense of some battery life.

ecto Chair TOPR Pump Ice Water
The ecto Chair and TOPR cushion keep you cool by circulating ice water from your cooler through thermal tubing in the seat, offering multiple cooling levels.

In terms of build quality, the ecto Chair is crafted with a 600-Denier heavy-duty polyester padded seat and armrests, supported by a powder-coated steel frame. It also includes a cupholder that can be mounted on either side of the chair and an optional sun shade. The chair weighs 15.2 lb (6.9 kg) and can support a maximum user weight of 275 lb (125 kg). The ecto TOPR offers the same cooling features but without the frame, and can also be laid flat to serve as a cooling mattress or beach towel underlay.

ecto TOPR Cushion Cooling Mattress
The ecto TOPR can be laid flat to serve as a cooling camping mattress.

When it comes to pricing, pledges for the ecto system start at $152 for the standard-length TOPR (with a planned retail price of $209). For those looking for the complete package, the ecto Chair is available for pledges starting at $259, and will retail for $340.

If you find yourself battling the summer heat, the ecto product line offers a compelling and innovative way to stay cool, whether you’re in your backyard, at the beach, or out camping.

ecto Chair TOPR Car Seat
The ecto TOPR cushion is versatile enough to be placed on car seats, using its thermal tubing to circulate ice water for a cooler driving experience.

Source: Indiegogo