Unique stylized, lightweight, and innovative pull behind tiny home camper

Never Summer Skyview Camper
Red cedar and a colorful aluminum skin impart the Skyview Camper its distinctive looks. Images © Never Summer

We have recently passed a new milestone in the mobile home business as small living and downsizing are at their peak: the day when the lines between camper trailers and tiny houses are crossed to welcome a new form of towable.

In Colorado, U.S., the snowboard-specialist manufacturer Never Summer has debuted their first trailer, SkyView. Although the SkyView trailer has been around for at least a few years, it was just recently made possible to purchase across the US. It is advertised as “totally unique from anything else available.” This is true for both the overall aesthetic and the cost.

The creation of the Skyview camper, a teardrop-shaped trailer, was influenced by tiny house design. To be more specific, it’s a hybrid of the two, resembling a teardrop trailer with design cues and materials more common in tiny homes. Its unique blend of the two is what sets it apart. You have a towable home that is dependable and sufficient but also attractive-looking, given that it boasts an “organic compact footprint, effective use of space,” and mid-century contemporary design.

Never Summer unintentionally invents a new kind of towable that connects the gap between camper trailers and small houses by going so far as to refer to it as a “pull behind tiny home camper.” As long as your towing trailer is also capable of off-road travel, the SkyView is lightweight, off-grid ready, and off-road competent.

The cabin is made of an epoxy-bonded, screw-fastened Baltic Birch box frame with a marine-grade finish, aluminum powder coating, and a bespoke-sized door resting on a specially welded steel frame. The maximum payload is 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg), with a dry weight of 1,500 pounds (680 kg). For off-roading purposes, a 14-inch (35-cm) road clearance and HD torsion axle suspension are particularly important.

Never Summer Skyview Camper Towing
The Skyview Camper in tow.

The SkyView camper’s overall length is 11.9 feet (3.6 meters), while the cabin’s height is 48 inches (122 cm). The inside is designed with a rustic aesthetic and is suited for hauling supplies and equipment thanks to a fold-out queen-size bed that doubles as a sofa during the day and takes up less room. At night, it converts into a bed for two. The choice of a cozy, pleasant, woody interior and the inclusion of a skylight more than make up for any internal space constraints (and there were many because this is a teardrop trailer)—no trailer of this type that includes a stained-glass window in addition to what this one does.

Skyview Camper Interior Sofa cum Bed
The roomy interior features a sofa cum bed.

Integrated shelving and the lack of a slide-out kitchen unit further maximize the available space. SkyView only provides a dual-burner compact gas stove and outside shelves, in addition to a sink basin in the back. Although it isn’t much of a layout, it will satisfy the basic requirements for adventurers.

The base price of the Skyview Camper is $24,900. Currently, the only add-on offered by Never Summer is a $1,000 “Four Season Package” that includes a 5,000-BTU heat and air conditioning unit for year-round indoor climate control.

Source: Never Summer