Wild Romotow rotating RV could be the future of glamping

Romotow T8 Rotating Glamping RV
Following an extensive period of development and trials, W2 unveiled the Romotow T8.3 prototype at a global premiere event in New Zealand earlier this month. Images © W2

After years of anticipation, the innovative Romotow T8 glamping RV is now available to order. Originally revealed as a concept over a decade ago, the 30.5-foot dual-axle caravan offers a one-of-a-kind rotating design that transforms into a luxurious living area complete with an observatory and covered porch. Starting at $270,000, this amenity-loaded mobile home blurs the lines between an expandable travel trailer and a tiny home.

The journey to reality

The Romotow caravan was first introduced by architecture and design firm W2 as a concept that seemed more like a flight of fancy than a practical vehicle. However, in late 2018, word spread that the Romotow was headed for production. Four years later, the production-ready version remains true to the original concept.

W2 partnered with ACM Motorhomes to manufacture the Romotow T8, and they held the world premiere of the innovative RV at the Covi Motorhome, Caravan, and Outdoor Supershow in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite existing virtually for 11 years, this was the first public showing of the actual prototype since W2 last worked on it in 2020.

Remarkably, the Romotow T8 has retained its wild and impressive design from its initial concept in 2012. The main cabin nests inside the open deck area during travel before swiveling out to create a two-part space with a large covered deck and a four-to-six-sleeper main cabin. An automated hydraulic system pushes the cabin outward and swings it out 90 degrees.

Romotow T8 Caravan Rotating 90-Degree
The Romotow T8 caravan demonstrates its unique 90-degree rotating feature, expanding into a spacious living area complete with a covered porch.

Inside the Romotow T8

The floor plan inside the Romotow T8 includes a roomy dining area in the rounded front cabin, surrounded by wraparound windows for stunning views. This scenic area also serves as a sleeping space, as the dinette converts into two single beds or one double bed. A lift-away double bed is available for added berths.

Behind the dining lounge, the kitchenette offers two available styles for buyers to choose from: a two-counter design with a center aisle and under-counter fridge/freezer or a single-counter variant with a tall fridge/freezer. The dual-counter version features the sink and gas range on separate counters, while the single-counter plan places them side by side.

Whichever kitchen style the buyer selects, an L-shaped dry bathroom with a corner toilet, sink, and shower stands behind it. The bedroom is situated at the very rear, closed off with its own door. It includes a closet and can be ordered with a single king-size bed or two single beds.

Romotow T8 Rotating Caravan Space
W2 offers two distinct kitchen layouts and the flexibility to accommodate four to six sleeping berths in the innovative Romotow T8.

Outdoor living and entertainment

The Romotow T8’s patio boasts composite teak-look deck flooring and paneling, offering an open space for owners to place camping furniture. Options include a fold-down bench seat or table inside the rounded front nose and removable canvas/mesh sidewalls to keep pests out.

Entertainment options for the T8 are abundant, featuring pop-up or wall-mounted 32-inch 4K smart TVs, an outdoor projector system with an 82-inch pull-down screen, and a multi-zone Fusion sound system.

Powering the Romotow T8

The Romotow T8 is powered by a 200-Ah lithium battery, charged with the help of a roof-mounted 395-W solar array. A C-Zone integrated control system with an accompanying app offers monitoring and control of electrical components and other hardware. Buyers also have the option to add more battery capacity, additional solar panels, and an inverter.

Romotow T8 Rotating Caravan Arched Deck Wall
The curved deck wall can be outfitted with a fold-down table, as shown, or a fold-down bench seat for versatile functionality.

Built on a mild-steel tube chassis with tandem Cruisemaster ATX spring suspension, the 7,495-pound Romotow T8 has an automated chassis system that levels the trailer at camp. The cabin features an aluminum structure and includes insulated composite walls, flooring, and roofing. The standard package includes 300-liter fresh and gray water tanks and a Truma Combi space/water heater. An air conditioner is available as an optional addition.

Pricing and availability

The Romotow T8 starts at NZ$429,000 (approximately US$268,900), and the price can increase significantly as buyers choose from a range of available options. ACM Motorhomes will build the caravans in New Zealand, with W2 initially focusing on the New Zealand and Australian markets. However, they do encourage potential buyers from other countries to get in touch.

To secure a place in the build queue, a non-refundable NZ$10,000 deposit (US$6,270) is required. Although the starting price may seem steep, the innovative design, luxurious amenities, and unique glamping experience offered by the Romotow T8 make it an appealing option for those who seek a one-of-a-kind mobile home.

Romotow T8 Rotating Caravan at Night
The Romotow T8 caravan illuminates the night, showcasing its innovative design and inviting ambience.

Source: Romotow