Unveiling the B95 hyper Barchetta: Automobili Pininfarina’s open-top electric marvel

Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta
The Pininfarina B95 redefines luxury and performance as the world's first all-electric open-top hyper Barchetta. Images © Automobili Pininfarina

After a brief dalliance with SUV design, Automobili Pininfarina is back in its comfort zone, showcasing Italian elegance and cutting-edge engineering with its latest creation—the B95. Heralded as the world’s first pure-electric open-top hyper Barchetta, the B95 is a testament to luxury and performance combined into one automotive masterpiece.

The Powertrain

Taking a momentary departure from its Battista model, the B95’s impressive all-electric powertrain churns out a whopping 1,877 horsepower (1,400 kW). The system utilizes a quartet of motors to distribute torque through a vectoring system, which makes it possible to hit a sub-2-second 0-60 mph sprint. The hypercar also promises a top speed of 186 mph, ensuring the vehicle is as quick as it is luxurious. For those concerned about battery life, the 120-kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery can go from a 20% to 80% charge in just 25 minutes when charged at a 270-kW rate.

Design Cues

Pininfarina is well-known for its visually arresting designs, and the B95 is no exception. Sporting a glossy bright yellow and charcoal exterior, the hyper Barchetta borrows visual elements from the Battista and the Pura Vision design study. The rounded nose and razor-thin headlamps are not its only eye-catching features. The body-piercing grille slats, which rise from the hood to direct airflow, are arguably the car’s most distinctive design element. They appear to draw inspiration from high-end computer or electronics air-cooling systems.

The design coherence extends from the high-arching front fenders connected to muscular rear counterparts by flat character lines and fin-like carbon skirts. Protective domes rise up behind the two seats, adding to the vehicle’s low-profile silhouette.

Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta Front View
High-arching front fenders seamlessly blend into muscular rear ones through clean, straight sides, accented by a subtle character line and fin-like carbon skirts.

Interior and Comfort

Inside the B95, Pininfarina hasn’t skimped on luxury. Classic racer-inspired seats swathed in soft tan leather cradle occupants, accented with contrast stitching and lively houndstooth-patterned head and shoulder rests. The lower carbon dash looks like an extension of the exterior bodywork and is separated only by a slice of seat-matched leather. To encourage focus on the road, the angling of the three independent instrument screens directs the driver’s gaze ahead.

Innovative Features

In a world-first, Pininfarina incorporates adjustable aero screens made from clear polycarbonate to protect against wind buffeting at high speeds. These bubble-like screens, inspired by vintage fighter planes, can be individually adjusted, allowing for personalized comfort for each occupant.

Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta Aero Screens
The B95 features world-first adjustable aero screens, offering personalized wind protection for each occupant at speeds up to 186 mph.

Selective Availability and Pricing

The B95 is not for the faint-hearted—or the light-walleted. Pininfarina will produce only 10 bespoke hand-crafted examples, making this hyper Barchetta even more exclusive. The car is set to go into production in 2025 to coincide with Pininfarina’s 95th anniversary (hence the “95” in B95). Each unit will carry a base price tag of €4.4 million, approximately US$4.7 million.

Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta Cockpit
The B95’s digitized cockpit features three independent instrument screens angled for optimal driver focus, complemented by a carbon dash that seamlessly integrates with the car’s luxurious interior.

In summary, the Automobili Pininfarina B95 stands as an epitome of Italian design prowess and engineering mastery, an exclusive hyper Barchetta that promises to blend style, performance, and luxury like never before. With its steep pricing, it is undoubtedly a symbol of both technological ambition and opulent extravagance.

Automobili Pininfarina B95 Hyper Barchetta Side View
Pininfarina heralds a new age in the world of all-electric hyper Barchettas.

Source: Automobili Pininfarina