Magway uses linear magnetic motors to shuttle delivery pods through pipes

Magway e-Commerce Freight Delivery System
Magway's innovative delivery system uses magnetic propulsion to transport goods through pipes, enhancing speed and sustainability. Images courtesy Magway

Magway, a UK startup, is spearheading a transformative approach to goods transportation using a system based on linear magnetic motors and a network of pipes. This method promises an efficient, automated, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional freight and parcel delivery methods. This article provides an in-depth examination of Magway’s system, discussing its design, functionality, potential applications, and the benefits it offers.

System overview

Magway’s innovative goods transport system utilizes linear motors and a network of 1m diameter pipes, designed for both underground and overground setups. The system shuttles pods capable of carrying up to 250 kg in a single trip, at speeds of up to 50 mph. These pods are specifically designed to fit within the pipes, creating a closed and secure transport channel that minimizes external interference and weather-related disruptions.

Technical specifications and operations

At the heart of Magway’s efficiency is the use of linear magnetic motors, which propel the delivery pods along the track without direct physical contact. This technology not only reduces wear and tear but also decreases the maintenance required compared to traditional mechanical systems. Each pod is designed to accommodate a standard delivery crate or tote, with dimensions of 800x600x600 mm, making it a versatile solution for various goods ranging from parcels to bulk materials.

The pods operate within a system of pipes that are strategically laid out to connect distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and other critical logistic points. The pipes’ small diameter makes them easy to install alongside existing infrastructure, reducing the need for extensive construction work and enabling faster implementation.

Magway Goods Delivery System e-Commerce
Magway aims to revolutionize e-commerce with its pipe-based, magnetic delivery system, speeding up shipments while reducing environmental impact.

Modular design and scalability

Magway’s track sections are modular, facilitating quick and straightforward installation—akin to a plug-and-play system. This modularity allows for flexible integration into different environments, such as urban areas where space is at a premium or alongside existing road networks without significant disruption. The ability to easily expand or modify the network is crucial for scaling operations to meet increasing logistics demands or expanding into new markets.

Environmental impact and energy efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of Magway’s system is its zero emissions operation. By eliminating the use of fossil fuels and reducing the number of delivery trucks on the road, Magway substantially lowers the carbon footprint of transport operations. The direct grid-powered system further enhances energy efficiency, negating the need for battery use which often involves complex recycling processes and potential environmental hazards from discarded batteries.

Magway Goods Delivery System Bulk Materials
Magway aims to enhance the bulk material handling sector by streamlining the transport of materials, boosting operational efficiency, and reducing reliance on heavy machinery.

Safety and reliability

Safety is a prominent feature of the Magway system. The enclosed nature of the pipe network and the contactless propulsion method significantly reduce the risk of accidents that are common in traditional conveyor systems or road transport. Furthermore, with fewer moving parts and a controlled environment for the pods, the likelihood of system failure or accidents is minimized, enhancing overall reliability.

Applications across industries

Magway’s system is not limited to a single sector; its potential applications span multiple industries:

  • Logistics and Warehousing: Optimizes the movement of goods through supply chains, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Facilitates the rapid and reliable transport of components within factories, improving workflow and reducing downtime.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Ensures secure and swift transportation of sensitive medical supplies and samples, improving response times and reliability in critical healthcare operations.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: Automates the movement and sorting of waste and recyclable materials, increasing processing efficiency and supporting more sustainable waste management practices.
  • Food and Beverage: Enhances the internal logistics of ingredients and finished products in food processing and distribution centers, which is vital for maintaining food safety and quality.
Magway System Goods Delivery Pod
The chassis, supporting the carriage, houses a magnet array that enables propulsion without physical contact by generating a magnetic field.


Magway’s delivery system represents a significant advancement in transport technology, offering a sustainable, efficient, and safe alternative to conventional goods movement methods. By leveraging linear magnetic motor technology and an innovative pipe-based delivery network, Magway not only addresses the current logistical challenges but also sets a new standard for future developments in the logistics and transportation industries. With its potential for scalability and application across various sectors, Magway’s system could play a crucial role in shaping the future of goods transportation.

Source: Magway