Bamboo e-trike transports up to 550 lb of cargo

Bamboo Bicycle Club Pedal-assist Cargo Trike
Bamboo Bicycle Club aims to offer their cargo e-trike as a DIY kit for home assembly. Images courtesy Bamboo Bicycle Club

In the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, the use of bamboo in bike manufacturing, though not yet mainstream, has seen a growing interest. Germany’s My Boo’s bamboo and flax cargo ebike, launched in May, marked a significant step in this direction. Now, the Bamboo Bicycle Club, based in London, is making strides with its innovative pedal-assist cargo trike.

The Bamboo Bicycle Club, known for empowering individuals to build their bikes, has become a hub for frame building enthusiasts. They offer workshops for locals and sell DIY build kits, components, tools, and merchandise through their online shop. Beyond educating and equipping DIY builders, the Club takes on special projects, such as the Aero build from 2016. Their latest venture, inspired by a local grocery delivery business, is a custom-designed bamboo e-trike for cargo hauling.

This working prototype showcases a unique blend of materials. Its frame is crafted from Guadua Bamboo, flax, and recycled aluminum, offering durability and leveraging bamboo’s vibration-damping qualities. Future production models are expected to be more time-efficient, utilizing the Club’s existing prefab lug technology.

The e-trike’s rear box, large enough to transport up to 250 kg (550 lb) of cargo, is made from modular honeycomb sheets fashioned from recycled materials. To assist the rider, the bamboo e-trike is equipped with a Bafang mid-drive motor, providing assistance up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in compliance with European ebike regulations. It also features an internally geared hub. Specifics regarding the battery and its per-charge range remain undisclosed.

Bamboo Cargo e-Trike Rear Cargo Box
The e-trike features a rear box crafted from light honeycomb material, boasting a load capacity of 550 lb.

Designed for use in bike lanes, the e-trike also offers some weather protection for the rider, thanks to a curvy laminated bamboo canopy with a large windshield. However, the prototype lacks integrated lighting and dedicated suspension, and rear visibility could be a concern. Nevertheless, it ensures safety with dual-lever hydraulic disc brakes.

Bamboo Cargo e-Trike Bafang Mid-drive Motor
Pedal assistance is provided by a Bafang mid-drive motor, complemented by internally geared hubs.

As the Bamboo Bicycle Club continues refining this design, the future looks promising for the Cargo Delivery Trike. Planned to be released as a home build kit, it represents a significant step in sustainable cargo transportation. Although no specific timeframe or pricing details have been announced, the potential impact of this eco-friendly, pedal-assist cargo e-trike on urban delivery services and sustainable transportation cannot be overstated.

This innovative approach not only challenges traditional manufacturing processes but also aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. The Bamboo E-Trike stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when sustainability intersects with modern transportation needs.

Bamboo Cargo e-Trike Build Material
The bamboo -trike prototype has been crafted from sustainable bamboo, flax, and recycled aluminum.

Source: Bamboo Bicycle Club