SylvanSport Vast Trailer: A gear-hauling camper for modern outdoor enthusiasts

SylvanSport VAST Adventure Travel Trailer Side Rack
Effortlessly haul your watercraft with the Vast's innovative side rack, designed for easy access and secure transport. Images courtesy SylvanSport

The SylvanSport Vast trailer, first unveiled at the RVX show nearly five years ago, represents a significant step forward in the world of camping trailers. Initially a prototype, this four-sleeper caravan has undergone extensive testing, covering over 50,000 miles, to emerge as a refined production model. The Vast combines the convenience of gear hauling with the comfort of modern amenities, catering to the needs of contemporary campers and adventurers.

The original concept of the Vast was a standout at the RVX 2019 show, captivating attendees with its innovative design. Despite the initial buzz, the launch of the Vast was shrouded in anticipation, with SylvanSport’s updates frequently hinting at its imminent arrival. It wasn’t until the latter part of this year that the updated Vast finally rolled into full production, marking the official debut of this highly-anticipated camping trailer.

SylvanSport has stayed true to its original vision of a dual-purpose trailer that serves both as a toy hauler and camper. The 21.6-foot Vast’s hallmark feature is its ingenious half-kitchen, half-bathroom layout. This design is anchored by a slide-out galley unit, which not only creates a spacious bathroom but also doubles as an outdoor kitchen.

The kitchen is equipped with a dual-burner stove, sink, and a 69-liter refrigerator, ensuring convenience and comfort in meal preparation. The slide-out mechanism has been refined for smoother operation, and the addition of a microwave and extra storage enhances functionality. A US patent now protects this unique kitchen design.

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Indoor Outdoor
SylvanSport promotes a seamless indoor/outdoor experience with expansive lift-up doors, wide windows, and a versatile slide-out kitchen for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Vast’s versatility extends to its sleeping arrangements. The rear “Versalounger” serves as a multifunctional space, transforming from an L-shaped sofa into a queen-sized bed. An additional queen bed descends from the ceiling, creating comfortable sleeping quarters for up to four people.

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Two Beds
The Vast trailer comfortably accommodates four individuals with its dual bed setup.

Technology and sustainability have been key focal points in the Vast’s development. Equipped with an 800-watt solar system and a robust battery, it offers 120-volt power for off-grid adventures. The inclusion of a command touchscreen with remote app connectivity reflects the advancements in camping technology since 2019. While embracing electrical technology, the Vast maintains traditional elements, including a 20-pound propane tank for the stove and other appliances.

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Kitchen Packed Up
The kitchen packed up for indoor use or travel.

The Vast’s design caters to outdoor enthusiasts, offering easy loading for bikes, boards, and other gear through its adjustable rear lounge and full-height tailgate. Side tie-down tracks provide convenient mounting points for kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards, enhancing its appeal to multi-sport adventurers. The front storage box adds an additional 425 liters of lockable space, and the trailer’s total payload capacity is 263 kilograms (580 lbs).

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Rear Cargo Space
The VAST camper trailer offers plenty of rear cargo space.

Price-wise, the Vast has seen a significant increase since its initial estimate in 2019. The current starting price is $69,995, reflecting the inclusion of numerous additional features. These include a Thule awning, Truma Combi furnace/water heating system, Dometic air conditioner, roof fans, a skylight, electric brakes, and substantial fresh and gray water storage capacities.

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Kitchen Components
Experience culinary convenience on the go with the Vast’s fully-equipped kitchen, featuring a dual-burner stove, microwave, sink, and fridge.

The SylvanSport Vast trailer is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a versatile, all-in-one solution for the modern camper. Its design optimizes both functionality and comfort, ensuring that adventures are as enjoyable as they are memorable. With its hefty price tag, the Vast is certainly an investment, but for those seeking a top-of-the-line camping experience, it represents the pinnacle of innovation and convenience in the world of camping trailers.

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Dining Lounge
Dining lounge of the VAST camper trailer.
SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer Front Storage Box
Front storage box.

Source: SylvanSport