Mink Campers transforms Icelandic teardrop with pure electric power

Mink-E All-electric Teardrop Trailer
The electric-blue Mink-E teardrop trailer invites adventurers to explore nature sustainably. Images © Mink Campers

Teardrop trailers have always held a nostalgic appeal to camping enthusiasts and adventure lovers. The timeless design, reminiscent of the iconic VW T1 pop-up camper vans, combines aesthetics, convenience, and compactness. Within this revered category, Mink Campers, an Icelandic brand, has successfully carved out a niche with their distinctively vibrant designs that blend simplicity with functionality.

The latest from Mink Campers is a leap towards sustainable travel. Introducing the Mink-E, a pure electric variant of their already popular teardrop trailer design, aiming to make journeys across the Icelandic terrains (and beyond) environmentally friendly, without compromising on the authentic camping experience.

The pre-existing Mink 2.0, with its aerodynamically curvy design, stands at a length of 13.5-foot (4.1-m) and weighs 1,150-lb (520-kg). It had already been lauded as a fuel-efficient model in the RV sphere. However, the new Mink-E elevates this efficiency. This new variant is lighter, weighing just under 1,125 lb (510 kg), positioning it as an excellent choice for all-electric towing vehicles or small ICE cars.

A noteworthy feature of the Mink-E is its construction. It adopts the same ABS plastic construction as its predecessor, integrated into the “Solid Shell Structure” with frame-less 1.2-inch (30-mm) thick walls. To ensure a comfortable stay, irrespective of the season, the Mink-E boasts of 19-mm Armaflex insulation paired with a heater-fed AirFlow ventilation system. Whether you’re braving the sub-zero temperatures of an Icelandic winter or soaking in the summer sun, the trailer promises a comfortable environment. In line with the eco-friendly mission, around 25% of the trailer’s content is made of recyclable materials.

Mink-E All-electric Teardrop Trailer Solar Panel and Skylight
Beside Mink’s distinctive skylight on the Mink-E roof, a solar panel is strategically placed, bolstering its fully electric configuration.

The aesthetics of the Mink-E also diverge from the Mink 2.0. Gone are the bright yellows, replaced with a captivating “electric” blue, set against gray walls and a roof. This color choice ensures that amidst the backdrop of Iceland’s deep blue waters and glaciers, the Mink-E remains a head-turner.

But what truly sets the Mink-E apart is its shift to electric. The company replaced the diesel and gas appliances traditionally used with an all-electric amenity set. This shift is powered by an integrated solar charging system and onboard battery. Mink’s traditional simple galley has undergone an upgrade: a 36-L ice chest is neatly sunken below the countertop, and a portable gas stove has been replaced with an induction cooker. For heating, the previously used diesel Webasto has been swapped for an electric heater. Additionally, there’s an exterior charging port allowing users to recharge directly.

Mink-E All-electric Teardrop Trailer Skylight Round Doors
Experiencing the allure of the expansive skylight and those prominent, circular doors.

In terms of design, the Mink-E maintains many of the beloved features of the 2.0 model. It still has its signature round doors and windows and includes a large overhead skylight that illuminates the teardrop body. The kitchen remains under the tailgate, and the primary sleeping area is built around an RV queen-size mattress. Other notable features include a cot-style bunk that doubles as a storage shelf and a padded backrest for added comfort.

Mink-E All-electric Teardrop Trailer Kitchen
While the Mink-E retains the tailgate kitchen common to other Mink models, it exclusively features electric appliances.

Aligning perfectly with both Mink’s and Iceland’s ethos of exploration coupled with respect for nature, the Mink-E is a testament to adventurous yet sustainable travel. As for pricing, the Mink-E starts at £25,328 (approximately US$31,000), which is a £3.3K increase from the standard Mink 2.0 priced at £21,995 (US$26,920). For those eager to get a firsthand look, Mink plans to showcase the “E” at the upcoming Motorhome & Caravan Show in Birmingham, UK.

In conclusion, Mink Campers’ venture into electric teardrop trailers with the Mink-E is a promising step towards blending tradition with modern-day sustainability. For enthusiasts and eco-conscious travelers, this offers a green alternative without skimping on the adventure.

Mink-E All-electric Teardrop Trailer Towing
The striking blue hue of the Mink-E stands out and its lightweight design is ideal for towing with small vehicles.

Source: Mink Campers