Diving into the depths with U-Boat Worx’s high-speed Super Sub

U-Boat Worx Super Sub
U-Boat Worx unveils the Super Sub – the world's fastest private submersible. Images © U-Boat Worx

In the realm of undersea exploration, innovation has taken a quantum leap forward with the unveiling of U-Boat Worx’s latest creation. The Super Sub, debuting at the Monaco Yacht Show, isn’t just any ordinary submersible. Its high-speed agility is redefining the underwater experience for marine enthusiasts.

First introduced to the world in 2021, the Super Sub concept underwent design modifications in 2022 to enhance its speed capabilities. Today, the Dutch-based company, U-Boat Worx, has transformed this concept into reality, bringing a unique fusion of speed, design, and underwater mobility to the marine sector.

Visually, the Super Sub strikes with its futuristic appearance, reminiscent of the octopus robots from the iconic Matrix movie. With an elongated 6.5-meter (21.3-ft) structure, its design prioritizes hydrodynamic efficiency, making it a marvel in underwater navigation. Powering this underwater vehicle is a robust 100 kW electric thrust. Moreover, its thrusters, equipped with hydrofoils, can effectively direct water flow, enabling the Super Sub to make sharp turns, rise, and dive at angles as steep as 45 degrees. Such agility is rarely seen in traditional yacht garage submersibles.

However, this speed and agility come with their limitations. The Super Sub can dive to depths of up to 300 m (1,000 ft), which may seem restrictive to some, but appears to be in line with current preferences for underwater explorations in 2023. In terms of operational endurance, the 62-kWh onboard battery guarantees about eight hours of exploration. However, life support essentials, such as oxygen supply, CO2 scrubbing, interior lighting, and surface communications, are assured for at least 96 hours in adherence to DNV regulations. To enhance the safety quotient, the submersible features an automatic maximum depth protection system and a dead man’s switch, ensuring the sub resurfaces if the pilot remains inactive for over 10 minutes.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub Wind Tunnel Testing
Wind tunnel testing – attached hydrofoils on the thrusters swiftly direct water flow.

Speed, being its defining characteristic, sets the Super Sub apart from its contemporaries. According to Roy Heijdra, Marketing Manager at U-Boat Worx, the Super Sub’s velocity of 10 knots (approximately 11.5 mph or 18.5 km/h) outpaces the top cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin by 3-4 knots. This speed advantage allows pilots to maneuver alongside marine life, from sea turtles and sharks to barracudas, enhancing the underwater experience.

Yet, it’s essential to remember that while the Super Sub might temporarily keep pace with a pod of dolphins, these marine creatures can easily outstrip the submersible if they choose to accelerate. Essentially, if dolphins decide to give it their all, the Super Sub would be left trailing in their wake.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub Cabin Setup
The Super Sub boasts a spacious two-passenger, one-pilot cabin setup.

As of now, only one Super Sub has been produced, with delivery expected by year’s end. However, U-Boat Worx has plans to ramp up production next year for marine aficionados keen on acquiring this high-speed submersible. Those interested should be prepared to invest a hefty sum, as the starting price is pegged at €5.2 million (US$5.47 million).

In summary, U-Boat Worx’s Super Sub is a testament to the marriage of design, speed, and technology, revolutionizing underwater exploration for the elite marine enthusiast. Its unveiling at the Monaco Yacht Show is not just a showcase of a product, but a glimpse into the future of maritime luxury and adventure.

Check out the official release video below.

Source: U-Boat Worx