From hoverboard parts to a Star Wars Speeder bike

James Bruton Star Wars Speeder Bike
James Bruton's Star Wars Speeder bike: A blend of hoverboard tech and cinematic inspiration. Images credit James Bruton - YouTube

The realm of DIY projects often witnesses a confluence of imagination, innovation, and technology. Enter James Bruton: a former toy designer who transitioned into the world of DIY robotics and gadgetry. With a sizeable following on YouTube, Bruton’s creations serve as a testament to the wonders that can be accomplished when creativity meets skill.

His latest venture is one that would surely resonate with the hearts of “Star Wars” aficionados. Drawing inspiration from the cinematic universe, Bruton set out to transform hoverboard components into a side-riding Star Wars Speeder bike. This is not just a straightforward DIY project; it’s a metamorphosis of a previous creation, which was the omni-wheel bike.

Initially, the omni-wheel bike was conceptualized to be a sideways mover, positioning itself at a 90-degree angle relative to the rider. While the hoverboard’s sensors were in charge of maintaining balance, the sideways movement on such a vast scale presented its challenges. It soon became evident that controlling this bike was far from a breeze, compelling James to reimagine his creation.

The answer to the challenges of the omni-wheel bike dawned in the form of the iconic Star Wars Speeder. With an upgrade involving jet thrusters, the bike underwent a significant transformation. Originally, Bruton aimed to utilize the hoverboard’s sensors and motors for dictating movement. However, the results were less than satisfactory. The innovation came in the form of a traditional handlebar, enhancing the bike’s maneuverability. This addition not only facilitated smooth left and right turns but also enabled the speeder to tilt sideways.

James Bruton Star Wars Speeder Bike
Jet thrusters on Bruton’s bike: Enhancing maneuverability with a touch of Star Wars flair.

Incorporated into the handlebar is a throttle that governs the speed of the rapidly spinning jet thrusters. After perfecting the bike’s movement dynamics with an Arduino controller, the next step was to give this inventive creation the classic Star Wars aesthetic. But, every innovation has its limitations. Despite the impressive jet thrusters, one aspect of the bike remains nostalgically rudimentary: it requires a manual push to kickstart its journey.

James Bruton Star Wars Speeder Bike Handlebar
The handlebar on Bruton’s Speeder offers precise steering, sideways tilting, and a throttle to regulate the jet thrusters.

In the grand tapestry of DIY projects, James Bruton’s Star Wars Speeder bike stands out, not just for its cinematic flair but for its showcase of iterative problem-solving. While it might not soar the skies like in the movies, it undoubtedly propels the boundaries of what’s possible in the DIY universe.

Check out the video below to see the build process and the Star Wars Speeder bike in action.

Source: James Bruton / YouTube