Bruno Stow-Away power transfer seat for pickups

Bruno Stow-Away is a power pop-up transfer seat specifically for pickup trucks.

Getting into and out of cars remains a huge problem for people that are confined to wheelchairs. Often, they have to buy specially made cars to cater for their mobility needs. Asides the fact that these cars could be expensive, the manufacturers seem to focus on utility cars and SUVs. Individuals using a wheelchair can hardly find a truck that suits their needs. The Bruno Stow-Away is a device that hopes to address this problem by helping people on a wheelchair get in and out of their trucks with unmatched ease. There is no need to modify your truck in any way. Simply install the Bruno stow-away and you are just one button away from getting into or out of your truck.

Design and specifications

The Bruno stow-away is designed to help people using a mobility device to get in or out of either the passenger or driver’s side of trucks. Its strong build allows it to carry a maximum weight of 136 kg while operating on a 12V vehicle battery or an optional 12V power supply. The design is space efficient as it keeps the interior of your truck unaltered. When needed, the seat pops up from the base of the truck and it stays hidden when not in use.

Controlling the Bruno Stow-Away could not be any easier. A single button opens and closes the drawer that houses the seat. The same button also raises or lowers the seat as may be required. Users do not need to learn the functions of many buttons before using the device. The device itself is not exposed to harsh weather conditions. It is duly protected by the sealed drawer that houses it whenever it’s not in use. The drawer is further protected by exterior-grade coating.

User requirements

  • To use the Bruno stow-away, you must be able to:
  • Transfer onto the device from the vehicle seat or mobility device
  • Insert the Stow-Away’s safety handle into the receiver
  • Maintain sitting balance while seated on the Bruno Stow-Away. The safety handle and vehicle door are available to help with balancing
  • Hold down the Stow-Away’s button or control arm in order to power the platform up or down

Pricing info

There are numerous factory-certified Bruno dealers in the United States and Canada. You may visit the official website to know the dealer that is close to you. If you are making inquiries from any country other than the United States or Canada, you can request a quote from the website to know the cost of shipping the device.