Canoo MPDV: All-electric multi-purpose delivery vehicle with modular design

Canoo MPDV is completely electric and adaptable. It has a modular design you can customize to meet your needs.

Canoo MPDV, or multi-purpose delivery van, is finally here to meet the needs of small to medium-sized business owners and small-scale delivery operations. This van focuses not only on smaller businesses and last-mile deliveries but also seeks to satisfy the needs of other industries such as technicians, utility workers, contractors, and any other service-related business that may require the extra space.

This new model, made to be available in two sizes, is based on the electric platform of the company. Aside from powering the vehicle’s functionality, the battery within the MPDV will also be responsible for powering the tools and equipment required by business owners. With a driving range of 130 to 230 miles, it will be exciting to see just how far this multi-purpose van can take its businesses.

Designed with the driver in mind

Canoo thought of everything as they designed this van. As the driver, who is likely an employee or business owner, is juggling many different things throughout their day, the driver’s seat functions somewhat like a cockpit. Complete with driver-side storage and multiple compartments, there is no chance of any driver losing the essentials as they run their daily errands and complete their tasks. The compartments include power outlets, cup holders, and multiple cell phone holders.


As the MPDV was created with the idea of serving many different businesses and functions, there are plenty of little extras inside designed to keep the ride safe and well-prepared. Canoo’s multi-purpose van comes complete with a stowed toolbox, foldable dolly, and fire extinguisher – all of which conveniently fit within the van’s walls to ensure they do not take up any extra space. There is a foldable jump seat attached to the side of the wall and a transparent sun visor to be used for both privacy and function.

Plenty of storage

There are endless storage options to be found in Canoo’s MPDV. There’s hidden storage and an optional mail rack near the driver’s seat – both excellent options for delivery services. Then, as you move to the back of the van, hanging storage and adjustable shelving provide many different customizations to suit the needs of each individual business.

Endless customizations to suit every business

Delivery services can also utilize the attached ramp and temperature control options to customize the van to their needs. Other further customizations include lockers, retail shelving, marketplace bins, a canopy, and even options to create the perfect food truck complete with café options. Thus, proving that businesses of all kinds can benefit from the MPDV.

The specs

The MPDV measures 6.2 feet tall, 14.4 feet wide, a 9.4 feet wheelbase, and has a ground clearance of 7.3 inches. Its total cargo capacity reaches 200 cubic feet, and it can haul up to 1,980 pounds of cargo. Different battery size options provide various estimated per charge EPA, ranging from 130 miles to 230 miles.

How to get one

Pre-orders have begun, and those interested can secure their MPDV for a refundable $100 deposit per vehicle. Limited production is scheduled to start in 2022, moving on to scaled production in 2023. Pricing is set to begin around $33,000.