Ride1Up e-bike: Best value electric bikes packed with features

Ride1Up e-bikes give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Ride1Up electric bikes are a fantastic example of the growing interest in e-bikes. Electric bikes are known for packing a hefty price tag, but Ride1Up e-bikes range from pure luxury to something that provides an excellent bang for your buck. As more people consider e-bikes to be a more sustainable and convenient mode of transportation, especially in cities, the popularity continues to skyrocket.

There are many great things about electric bikes that could explain the sudden interest in them. For instance, their accessibility, the fact that you don’t need to be physically fit to drive one, and how effective they are at reducing fossil fuels. Ride1Up has five models that each have their own set of features to fit the driver’s unique needs. With the base model coming in at less than $1,000, Ride1Up has made sure that even those on a budget can enjoy the benefits of an electric bike.

Who they are

The founders of Ride1Up started out as a few guys who were interested in working on their bikes. They built many of their own electric bikes by hand before realizing how life-changing an e-bike really was. They represent a beacon of unrivaled quality and independence. While they understood the importance and value of electric bikes, they were also very aware of the primary objection from consumers- price. Electric bikes are notoriously expensive. So, they set out to create a line of electric bikes with a model to fit nearly every budget.

What you will find in all five models

There are five unique electric bike models from the Ride1Up brand, and they start at $995. Each bike comes with a one-year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. The company ships to all 48 contiguous states within the US and will ship to Canada and Mexico for $100.

In addition to a 30-day trial, which allows you to send the bike back for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied, Ride1Up offers 0% APR financing where available. Buyers can choose three-, twelve-, or eighteen-month financing terms. Customers are provided expert service and support that includes friendly customer service and knowledgeable technical support.

The rechargeable batteries are housed in the frame and completely removable, and the mileage range between all five models runs from about 15 miles per charge to 80 miles per charge.

Roadster V2

The Roadster V2 is the base model of the Ride1Up e-bike collection. It has a basic frame that comes in two sizes, 52cm and 58cm, and three colors – red, white, and black. The Roadster V2 is the original model for the brand. This electric bike is incredibly durable, high-quality, and straightforward. The battery is completely concealed, and the motor is very quiet.

Roadster v2 Stealth Electric Bike

The Roadster V2 is has a compact LCD display, fully smoothed alloy frame, internal Samsung Cells, and it features a belt drive. This model is perfect for flat, even surfaces, and urban commutes. With pedal assist, speeds can reach 24 mph. The 500w(peak) and 350w(sustained) motor features a 40nm torque. Depending on factors such as the weight of the rider, terrain, incline, and the level of assistance from the motor, riders can sustain a range of about 20-35 miles. This model starts at $995.

700 Series

The 700 Series is boasted as the best model on the Ride1Up website, so it has some authority within the brand. With two different types of frames, the XR and the ST, this model affords some customization and offers two unique colors – dark gray and blue. It includes hydraulic brakes, a color display screen, hydraulic fork, Samsung cells, and Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. Its fully aluminum frame is lightweight and constructed with internal protected and locked electronics.

700 Series Electric Bike

Riders can reach up to 28 mph with pedal assist and a 20-mph throttle. The motor peaks at 800w and sustains nearly 500w with a 56mn torque. A faux leather grip offers maximum comfort, while a large LCD display sits on the handlebars for PAS control and advanced metrics. The 700 series goes for $1,494.

500 Series

The 500 Series was originally Ride1Up’s best-selling model. It is lightweight, uniquely agile, and can take on any kind of surface. Like the 700 Series, this model comes in two different frame types, XR and ST. It also comes in two distinct colors, yellow and matte, dark grey. Through new and updated improvements to the display, tires, and gearing, Ride1Up has solidified the 500 Series as one of the top-performing electric bikes of 2020.

The popular 500 Series Electric Bike

With pedal assist, the 500 Series can reach up to 28 mph with a 20-mph throttle. This powerful motor reaches a peak of 800w and a sustained state of 500w, with 56nm torque. The frame is incredibly lightweight and protects all electronic components internally. With a full battery, you can average a range of 25-45 miles depending on the weight of the rider, the level of assist, terrain, and incline. The 500 Series starts at $1,195

LMT’D and Core-5

The LMT’D frame is touted as the fastest model in the Ride1Up e-bike family. Like the other models, it offers up two frame types – ST and XR, available in champagne and dark gray colors. This model has been specially designed for speed and performance. Riders can reach up to 28mph with pedal assist and a 20mph throttle. The LMT’D has one of the most powerful motors found within the brand at 1000w peak performance and 750z sustained. Depending on terrain, incline, and rider weight, this frame ranges from 30 to 50 miles on a single charge. The LMT’D currently goes for $1,795.

The Core-5 is the standard model of the Ride1Up e-bike line-up. The ride is simple, efficient, and clean – a proper entry-level electric bike with reliable components that provide a dependable vehicle for your commute. Like most of the other models, riders can reach up to 28mph on the Core-5, and the range falls anywhere between 20-40 miles. The lightweight and protective frame ensure a comfortable and consistent user experience. The Core-5 starts at $1,095.

Where you can get yours

The best place to purchase a Ride1Up e-bike is through their website. All models are available in different colors and frame types. There are compatible accessories such as phone mounts, cargo trailers, and extra batteries that are perfectly tailored to the bikes.

With free shipping to all 48 contiguous states, you can receive your bike without any headaches and get to riding in no time. Prices range between $995 and $1,795.

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