Searider unveils a dual-motor electric water bike

Searider Searacer Water Bike
Searider unveils its dynamic Searacer watercraft at the 2024 Düsseldorf Boat Show. Image courtesy Messe Düsseldorf

In the realm of watersports, a new player, Searider, has made a splash with its latest innovation: the dual-motor electric water bike. This new venture aims to amalgamate the exhilarating handling of a motorcycle with the high-speed, electrically driven dynamics of a jet ski. The result is the Searider Searacer, a cutting-edge personal watercraft (PWC) that promises a blend of speed, agility, and eco-friendliness.

At the heart of Searider’s innovation is its commitment to lightweight design and performance. Traditionally, personal watercraft have been characterized by their bulky, heavy structures, but Searider has deviated from this norm. For context, the Sea-Doo Spark, renowned for its lightness in the PWC market, weighs in at 428 lb (194 kg) in its 2024 model. In contrast, Searider’s Searacer stands out with a mere 143 lb (65 kg) – roughly a third of the Spark’s weight. This significant reduction in weight is pivotal in enhancing the Searacer’s agility and responsiveness on water.

Searider’s approach in achieving this remarkable weight reduction is noteworthy. The company eschewed the conventional route of retrofitting an electric drive into a bulky PWC. Instead, it drew inspiration from motorcycles and scooters, focusing on creating a compact, sleek, and lightweight body. This design philosophy not only contributes to the Searacer’s nimble handling but also aligns with the efficient use of its electric powertrain.

The Searacer, Searider’s flagship model, is engineered for speed and fun. It packs a 45 hp (33 kW) dual electric motor, propelling it to a top speed of 47.8 mph (77 km/h). While these figures might not shatter the records set by internal combustion engine (ICE) PWCs, they are impressive for an electric jet ski, especially one of its size and weight.

Searider Searacer Water Bike Top Speed
The Searacer, reaching speeds of 48 mph with motorbike-like agility, promises exciting sea adventures.

The Searacer’s speed outpaces rivals like the 95-hp Narke GT95 and the Valo Hyperfoil, both heavier and more powerful. It’s worth noting, though, that the Searider Searacer falls short of the high speeds achieved by the 300-hp Supermarine MM01 and the 160-hp Taiga Orca Carbon.

The Searacer’s battery pack is another highlight, offering up to 50 minutes of ride time on a single charge. Its removable design facilitates easy charging and the potential for battery swapping, which could extend the time spent on water.

Searider Searacer Water Bike Dual Motor
Searider innovates with its proprietary dual-motor electric drive, electronic controls, and unique hull design.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Searider offers the Seacruiser. This model is akin to an e-scooter of the seas, featuring a vintage-inspired design. It delivers a respectable top speed of 34 mph (55 km/h) and almost double the runtime of the Searacer, at about 90 minutes. The Seacruiser’s slightly heavier body (154 lb or 70 kg) adds to its stability and ease of handling.

Regarding pricing, Searider has positioned the Searacer and Seacruiser at the higher end of the market. The Searacer is available for preorder at approximately €27,950 (around US$30,475), and the Seacruiser at €22,800 (about US$24,860). These prices reflect the premium nature of these electric PWCs, catering to a market segment that values innovation and sustainability.

Searider Seacruiser Water Bike
The Seacruiser from Searider, designed for a more relaxed pace, draws inspiration from vintage scooter styles.

In addition to these models, Searider has announced plans to introduce a third model, the Seacross, later this year. While details on the Seacross are sparse, it’s anticipated to expand the company’s portfolio and appeal to a broader range of water enthusiasts.

Searider has also released an introductory video showcasing the Searacer in action.

Source: Searider