Arcimoto unveils MUV electric three-wheeler

Arcimoto Modular Utility Vehicle
Arcimoto MUV features versatile rear bed configurations to meet diverse industry needs. Images © Arcimoto

Arcimoto, the renowned Oregon-based e-mobility company, has once again made headlines with the launch of its new Modular Utility Vehicle (MUV) electric three-wheeler. The latest addition to Arcimoto’s fleet, the MUV is designed as a versatile cargo-hauling vehicle capable of handling a wide range of tasks including food deliveries, supply runs, facilities maintenance, and groundskeeping.

Since the transition of the Fun Utility Vehicle from concept to manufacturing, Arcimoto has unveiled numerous unique editions such as the Roadster, Rapid Responder, and Deliverator. Much like the Deliverator, the MUV forgoes a passenger seat in favor of a rear cargo area. However, the Arcimoto MUV stands out with its adaptable platform tailored for various operations, making it a highly practical vehicle for urban and industrial mobility.

According to Arcimoto’s CEO, Chris Dawson, the launch of the MUV underscores the company’s growth in the utility vehicle market, reflecting the rising demand for reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective electric vehicles for everyday needs. The MUV’s quiet performance, reliability, and interchangeable options and add-ons provide customers with the flexibility to customize the vehicle based on their specific requirements.

To cater to diverse operational needs, the Arcimoto MUV offers three loadspace configurations. The base Carrier configuration, priced at US$23,500, features an open rear bed measuring 40.1 x 33.5 inches with a maximum carry weight of 300 lb (136 kg). For an additional $299, customers can opt for the Utility package that offers a 39.2 x 31.9-inch pickup bed. The Cargo package, priced at $1,500, includes a 25 cubic feet box capable of handling up to 240 lb (108 kg) of goods. With a promise of easy conversion between the packages in less than 10 minutes, the MUV also offers various add-ons like “West Coast” half-doors, a seatback organizer, and different seating options.

Arcimoto MUV Cargo Box
Opt for the Arcimoto MUV’s Cargo package, featuring a rear cargo box with a 25 cubic feet space, capable of handling up to 240 lb of goods.

Performance-wise, the Arcimoto MUV does not disappoint. Built on a three-wheeler electric platform, it features a dual-motor front-wheel drive, allowing it to reach top speeds of 75 mph (121 km/h). The 18.1-kWh Li-ion battery provides an impressive city range of up to 102 miles (164 km), or 66 miles (106 km) at 55 mph (88.5 km/h), or 32 miles (51.5 km) at 70 mph (112.6 km/h). Charging the vehicle is straightforward, with a full charge taking around 12 hours over a 120-V outlet or 3.5 hours at 240 volts using optional EV supply equipment.

Additionally, the MUV rolls on three 15-inch wheels, featuring 4.5-inch-wide ContiEcoContact EP tires to the front and 5.5-inchers to the rear. It boasts hydraulic disc brakes and a dual A-arm suspension to the front, plus a rear swingarm, ensuring a smooth and secure ride. The vehicle’s dimensions stand at an overall length of 113 in (2.87 m), a width of 61 in (1.55 m), and a height of 65 in (1.65 m), with a ground clearance of 5.5-in (14-cm) and a turning circle of 29-ft (8.8 m).

Arcimoto MUV Rear Flat Bed
The MUV features a flat bed and offers an optional Utility package, transforming it into a vehicle with a 39.2 x 31.9-inch pickup bed.

In conclusion, the Arcimoto MUV electric three-wheeler stands as a notable advancement in the e-mobility sector. With its varied loadspace configurations, impressive performance stats, and reasonable pricing, the MUV is poised to be a valuable asset for various businesses seeking a sustainable and efficient utility vehicle option.

Source: Arcimoto