Honda Motocompacto: A bike in a briefcase

Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase
The Honda Motocompacto offers a zero-emissions solution for "last mile" transportation.

In November, Honda is set to introduce a transportation game-changer: the Motocompacto. This ultra-compact, foldable, and zero-emissions bike comes at a relatively low entry price of $995 and promises Honda’s renowned reliability. Designed for “last mile” transport, this innovation might be the spark that finally ignites a long-anticipated revolution in the niche market of portable, convenient, and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Honda Motocompacto is meticulously engineered to serve as a practical addition to current modes of transportation. It conveniently folds into its lightweight and stackable carrying case, with dimensions measuring just 29.2 x 21.1 x 3.7 inches. Such a compact design suggests multiple applications—whether it’s an easy-to-store accessory for your car or a convenient supplement to public transit systems. This kind of compactness also makes it ideal for charging and storing in spaces where room is at a premium.

Performance-wise, the Motocompacto doesn’t disappoint. It reaches a maximum speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) and offers a zero-emissions range of up to 12 miles (19 km). Notably, it takes only 3.5 hours for a full charge, using a common 110 V outlet. The bike can be charged whether it is folded or ready to hit the road, which adds an extra layer of convenience for users.

The concept for this foldable transport appliance has deep roots. Though designed and developed by American Honda engineers, it traces its lineage back to a concept that has been under exploration for nearly 50 years in the Japanese market. Honda’s 1980s Motocompo, a much bigger and heavier gas-powered foldable bike, was initially introduced as a “trunk bike” to complement several Honda city cars. That original Motocompo has since become a cult classic, especially in America where it’s rarer and high auction prices reflect its coveted status.

Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase Folded
The Honda Motocompacto folded into its compact carrying case.

The introduction of the Motocompacto comes as a pivotal moment in the evolution of “last mile” transportation solutions. It has the potential to do for this market what the Apple iPhone did for smartphones—catalyze rapid development and adoption. The Motocompacto is not just a bike; it’s a statement that compact, foldable, and eco-friendly transportation can be affordable and reliable.

Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase On the Road
The Honda Motocompacto reaches a top speed of 15 mph with a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge.

The Honda Motocompacto will be available for $995, offering a low-cost, high-reliability option for those looking to make their daily commute or city travels more convenient and eco-friendly. Whether this bike in a briefcase becomes a ubiquitous sight on streets remains to be seen, but its promise and potential are undeniable.

Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase Side Canvas
Customize the Motocompacto’s sleek side canvas with decals or company artwork, turning it into a mobile billboard that’s sure to get noticed in high-traffic areas.
Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase Phone App
Control your Motocompacto’s settings, lighting, and riding modes through a Bluetooth-enabled phone app for a personalized riding experience.
Honda Motocompacto Bike in a Briefcase Features
An “X-ray” look into the innovative design and engineering of the Honda Motocompacto, revealing both internal and external components.

Source: Honda