Bamboo electric cargo bike with Eco-friendly design

My Boo Bamboo Electric Cargo Bike
My Boo launches the Kumasi EP6, their innovative bamboo electric cargo bike. Images © My Boo

The sustainable future of urban transportation may be held within the creative confines of a bamboo frame, as German bicycle manufacturer My Boo has developed an electric cargo bike built atop such a structure, coupled with a flax composite. This creation takes the concept of green transportation to another level by incorporating environmentally friendly materials, thus positioning the cargo bike as one of the most eco-conscious vehicles available. Designed to replace car journeys and even van deliveries, these bikes are compact, clean, and ideal for city travel, capable of ferrying a range of items, from tools and work supplies to groceries and children.

Bamboo, although somewhat rare in the bicycle and ebike industry, has been employed in a number of models over the years. However, My Boo has brought forth something distinct – a bamboo electric cargo bike. Given the increased weight and stress related to cargo transportation, bamboo cargo bikes are a novelty in the market. My Boo spent over two years developing their bamboo cargo prototype, which has now been released for preorder.

The new design of My Boo’s cargo bike comprises tubular bamboo segments interconnected by hubs crafted from a natural flax-based composite. This deviates from the traditional approach in other My Boo models, where resin-finished sisal fibers are utilized. The bamboo for these unique frames is sourced from Ghana, where it is sustainably grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers. Local artisans are responsible for the assembly of the frames, meticulously drying, treating, and cutting the bamboo before it is pieced together.

The creation of the flax composite follows a process similar to that used in the production of carbon fiber. Five to eight layers of flax fabric are soaked in resin, molded around the bamboo, and then carefully sanded to a smooth, polished finish. Upon completion of the frame, it is transported to My Boo’s factory situated in Kiel, Germany. It is here that the frame is fully assembled into a complete bicycle, ready for the rigors of urban transportation.

My Boo Bamboo Electric Cargo Bike Weight
My Boo’s Kumasi EP6 weighs in around 97 lb.

Bamboo frames offer the robustness of traditional metal frames and the shock-absorbing smoothness akin to carbon fiber, a balance of traits that could be particularly beneficial when transporting heavy loads.

The bamboo frame, undeniably eye-catching, is not the only innovative feature of the My Boo’s Kumasi EP6. The bike employs a new belt-driven steering system, designed to offer precise and comfortable handling with enhanced durability. This advanced system manages the rotation of the front wheel, which is positioned quite a distance from the handlebars.

My Boo Bamboo e-Cargo Bike Load Box
In addition to the basic load box, My Boo is devising an array of accessories for the Kumasi EP6, including child seats.

The Kumasi EP6 comes equipped with a Shimano Steps EP6 electric-assist drive, boasting a 630-Wh battery pack and a 10-gear cassette. A set of Shimano MT4 four-piston brakes ensures the bike can stop efficiently, while a Suntour SF20 Mobie ebike fork delivers front-end cushioning. The bike, inclusive of the battery, weighs 97 lb (44 kg) and can bear a maximum weight of 418 lb (190 kg). It also features a 25.5-in (65-cm) load area up front, designed to accommodate a variety of modular boxes and accessories.

The Kumasi EP6 is available for preorder at €7,999 (approximately US$8,660) with deliveries expected to commence this year. With its innovative design and sustainable construction, My Boo’s bamboo electric cargo bike embodies the future of eco-friendly urban transportation.

My Boo Kumasi EP6 Bamboo Frame Flax Composite
Kumasi EP6’s unique frame is masterfully crafted using bamboo tubes, ingeniously joined by hubs made from a flax composite.
My Boo Kumasi EP6 Shimano Drive
The Shimano electric-assist drive, the powerhouse behind the Kumasi EP6 bamboo e-cargo bike by My Boo.

Source: My Boo