Weird split-wheel bike chops the back wheel in half

Split Wheel Bicycle
The bike will definitely turn heads. The Q - YouTube

The latest buzz in the bicycle universe perfectly illustrates the saying ‘Innovation is the new genius.’ This buzz is centered on the split-wheel bicycle. The split-wheel bicycle is an innovation of popular YouTube engineer Sergii Gordieiev fondly called ‘The Q’. In his assertion, the sum of 0.5 and 0.5 in the maths world is the same in the bike universe. He sure did prove this with his latest innovation.

The split-wheel bicycle is not so different from your everyday bike. In fact, it rides through the streets smoothly and even runs over obstacles without collision. The arrangement of its rear wheel makes it unique. Rather than having the usual single rear wheel, the rear wheel is split in half, forming an incomplete circle.

Split Wheel Bicycle Rideable
Oh yes, it’s rideable. The Q – YouTube

The Q has a YouTube channel of over 12 million subscribers. The video of the split-wheel bicycle on his channel has elicited mixed reactions from biking enthusiasts. Some welcome the innovation and applaud the ingenuity. Others are of the opinion that the innovation is rather redundant. Regardless of where you stand, one thing is clear—this is one monstrosity that is begging for attention, so let’s talk about it.

The split-wheel bicycle is the newest addition to the line of bicycle designs. It consists of a complete front wheel and two halved rear wheels. A system of tubes and rivets is used to keep the two halves of the rear wheel in motion. To achieve the split wheel effect, Sergii Gordieiev first divided a good number of rims into nearly equal rims using a saw. This way, the hubs are preserved.

Split Wheel Bicycle Rear Wheel Chopped
Bizarre but rideable bicycle with its rear wheel chopped in half. The Q – YouTube

Afterward, he trimmed tire sections to fit into the rims. The inner tubings of the rear wheel rims were achieved using PVC pipe. After putting the disc brake and rear sprocket back in place, Sergii Gordieiev fitted the first half of the rear wheel to the bike.

Next, he aligned the next half of the rear wheel by welding backward. In doing so, a protracted incomplete triangle is formed at the bicycle’s rear. A second chain connects the two rear wheels which are oriented in opposite directions. They maintain this orientation for the entirety of their rotation. As a result, when one half wheel is above the ground, the other half wheel is touching the ground simultaneously. This is the working principle behind the movement of the rear wheels in a split-wheel bicycle.

Split Wheel Bicycle Descend Steps
Split-wheel bike descending a step without any hitch. The Q – YouTube

The split-wheel bicycle runs fine on all terrains, the plains, and high and low surfaces. Using this bike, you can descend steps with no hitches. However, weight is one of the major drawbacks of this bike design. More storage space is required to store a split-wheel bicycle. In addition, spare parts availability is another concern. The materials employed by The Q in creating the split-wheel bicycle are difficult to replace.

Being a person that prides himself on developing the most absurd and ingenious solutions, the latest innovation by The Q  gives weird a whole new meaning. If you love weird, you might want to check it out.

Source: The Q