AKXY2: Sustainable concept car that doubles as a picnic area

AKXY2 Asahi Kasei Concept Car
The Asahi Kasei AKXY2 is a sustainable car concept that wants to turn every trip into a picnic. Images © Asahi Kasei

The AKXY2 concept car is the creation of the now 100-year-old Japanese multinational Asahi Kasei. They pronounce the name “AKXY” as “ax-ee,” and have generated a vision of the automotive future based on social interaction, sustainability, and good health. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this concept car so unique and interesting.

The “boat-shaped bubble”

When you first behold the AKXY2, you really can’t help but notice the shape and styling of its upper portion. Others have described it simply as a “boat-shaped bubble,” which works both as the roof, viewing mechanism, and also as the primary means of access to the vehicle. The huge glass dome actually rises up, allowing a side door to lower to the ground and allow passengers access to the vehicle.

Furthermore, the bubble idea gives passengers a true 360-degree view as they recline in the spacious interior with enough space to have their very own picnic if they want to. In fact, part of Asahi Kasei’s idea is that the inside of the vehicle could provide an opportunity for social interaction and enjoyment, as part of a wider reflection of high-end and sustainable living.

Soundproof atmosphere and futuristic vibes

Asahi Kasei aren’t just showing OEMs a vision of a potential automotive future in terms of roof design and interior space, but also how ultra-modern and green technologies can be better incorporated into car designs.

The AKXY2 makes use of recycled polyester to create the microfiber suede that covers the interior surfaces, for example. It also uses recycled PET, ocean waste, bio-based PET, and other natural materials to show manufacturers the myriad ways to boost sustainability in car production. As far as Asahi Kasei is concerned, the age of wasteful plastic and other single-use materials is absolutely over.

Other green innovations include tires made from bio-based butadiene that feature lower rolling resistance to boost fuel efficiency, and seat cushioning made from recycled PET and bio-based PTT 3D mesh. The idea was to create a feeling and sense of sustainability in the look, feel, and even the smell and sounds of the cabin. The dome helps create a soundproof haven of tranquility and harmonious balance.

Addressing public health concerns

One more aspect that helps prove the AKXY2 concept as a car of the future is in the way it works to assuage our growing concerns regarding public health in the wake of a traumatic global pandemic. The AKXY2 includes antimicrobial fabrics developed by Asahi Kasei that can help prevent the spread of pathogens. There’s also a carbon dioxide sensor that works to maintain optimum comfortable air quality and ambience within the calm bubble interior.

AKXY2 has been praised by prominent industry figures who have said that the concept car is a brilliant engine for showcasing not just the innovations of a company like Asahi Kasei, but also how we can take seemingly unconnected technologies and apply them together to create a more perfect solution to a number of social problems.

Check out the AKXY2 concept video below.