Panoramic Kube teardrop camper ventures into the American wilderness

Kimberley Kampers Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer
The unique Kimberley Kampers Kube trailer is set to hit the US market soon. Images courtesy Kimberley Kampers

Kimberley Kampers, an established name in the camper trailer industry, has introduced its ultramodern Kube camper trailer to the American market. This uniquely designed teardrop camper, with its robust construction and all-terrain capabilities, promises an unparalleled camping experience. Now available for preorder in the United States, the Kube camper is set to revolutionize road trips and off-road adventures with its innovative design and extensive features.

Design and build

The Kube camper trailer merges traditional teardrop aesthetics with modern design elements, featuring a rounded front end and a squarer, vertically walled upper body. This design not only retains the classic teardrop charm but also maximizes interior space, allowing for a more comfortable and versatile camping experience. The trailer measures 17 feet (5.2 meters) in length, providing ample room for its occupants.

One of the standout features of the Kube is its panoramic viewing capability. The interior is designed with dual-pane windows on every side, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The 72 x 80-inch (183 x 203 cm) Australian king bed is positioned to take full advantage of these views, ensuring that campers can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their bed.

Interior and comfort

Despite its compact size, the Kube camper is designed to accommodate up to two adults comfortably, with enough space to squeeze in a child or two if necessary. For families with pets, the entry aisle can serve as a space for a dog bed. The optional futon kit for the front entry/lounge area provides additional seating or sleeping arrangements, making the Kube a versatile option for various camping needs.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer King Bedroom
The king bedroom is bathed in natural light and stunning local scenery thanks to the panoramic windows.

The interior height is sufficient for sitting up in bed, and the foot of the bed provides access to a front storage console equipped with a Corian countertop and an 85-liter upright fridge/freezer. The kitchen setup includes an expanding slide-out with a dual-burner gas stove, hot/cold sink, and storage drawers, all protected by a quick-rolling awning that provides shade.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Slide-out Kitchen
The expanding slide-out features a dual-burner gas stove, hot/cold sink, and storage drawers, all protected by a quick-rolling awning for shade.

Models and features

Kimberley offers two models of the Kube camper: the Classic and the Ecotrek. Both models come with a molded thermoplastic-composite body shell mounted on a robust, laser-cut hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis. The standard air suspension with trailing arms and off-road wheels ensures the Kube can handle rugged terrains.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Towing
The Kube blends compact, rugged towing with a luxurious interior, setting it apart from other trailers on the market.

Classic model

The Classic model is the entry-level version, starting at $53,297. It features a 121-liter fresh water tank, Kimberley’s Visiflow pump system, and a 200-Ah lithium-ion battery. The Classic weighs 2,450 pounds (1,111 kg) and has a payload capacity of 1,850 pounds (839 kg).

Ecotrek model

The flagship Ecotrek model, priced at $59,969, includes additional exterior equipment such as a slide-out stainless steel dining table, an ensuite privacy tent with a hot/cold shower, a Bluetooth soundbar, and a 200-W solar charging system with ultra-thin Merlin panels. The Ecotrek’s upgraded 300-Ah lithium-ion battery can be doubled in capacity and paired with an optional 2,000-W inverter. The Ecotrek model weighs 2,690 pounds (1,220 kg) with a payload capacity of 1,610 pounds (730 kg).

Kimberley Kampers Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Design
The new Kube trailer distills Kimberley Kamper’s classic design into a compact, teardrop-inspired, two-person form.

Off-grid capabilities

Both models are equipped with off-grid capabilities, including Kimberley’s Visiflow pump system, which allows users to draw water directly from natural sources like streams and lakes. The optional Thirsty Nomad off-grid system includes multi-stage water filtration, and an auxiliary 61-liter fresh water tank is available for increased capacity.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Storage
The front console offers ample storage, a handy shelf for drinks, and an 85-L fridge.

Optional add-ons

To enhance the camping experience, Kimberley offers a range of optional add-ons for both models. These include:

  • Diesel heating and 12-V rooftop air conditioning
  • 24-inch smart TV
  • Winterization package
  • Multi-color underbody lighting with app control
  • Various roof and bike racks
Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Optional Bike Rack
With the optional bike rack, the Kube transforms into a versatile bike support rig and base camp.

Pricing and availability

The Kube camper trailer is now available for preorder in the United States, with prices starting at $53,297 for the Classic model and $59,969 for the Ecotrek model. Although the price is higher than the average teardrop trailer, the Kube’s advanced features, rugged build, and innovative design justify the cost for those seeking a high-quality, all-terrain camping experience.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Awning Setup
Kimberley claims the trailer sets up in just three minutes, even quicker if you’re skipping the awning.


The Kimberley Kube camper trailer offers a unique blend of modern design, robust construction, and versatile features, making it an attractive option for campers and adventurers. With its panoramic views, off-grid capabilities, and customizable options, the Kube is set to make a significant impact in the American camping market. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a small family, the Kube promises to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Entryway
A clear entryway offers dressing and living space.
Kimberley Kube Teardrop Camper Trailer Cooking
The Kube camper trailer, fully set up by the riverside, is ready for a meal with its efficient slide-out kitchen.

Source: Kimberley Kampers USA