Air Cruiser rooftop tent inflates with the push of a button

Air Cruiser Inflatable Rooftop Tent
Within a few minutes, the tent quickly inflates to accommodate two to three people. Images © Cinch

Rooftop tents have long been considered a convenient camping solution. However, even the best models often present challenges when it comes to setup, particularly in poor weather or after sunset. With this concern in mind, the Air Cruiser, an innovative inflatable rooftop tent, is redefining ease of use by offering an almost effortless setup at the push of a button.

A product of collaboration between UK-based Cinch and Chinese company Wild Land, the Air Cruiser is currently generating buzz through its Kickstarter campaign. Both companies have distinguished track records in outdoor gear innovation. Cinch previously made waves with a solar-powered modular tent, while Wild Land, also known as Q-Yield, had earlier introduced an instant-up rooftop tent that featured an aluminum frame. The Air Cruiser, however, stands out with its inflatable frame – a characteristic that has lent itself to its name.

In its compact state, the Air Cruiser can be conveniently stowed on a roof rack, packaged in a 55 x 39 x 10-inch (139 x 97.4 x 26-cm) shell. This low-profile package reportedly weighs 80 lb (36 kg) without including additional accessories.

Setup is a breeze. Users only need to exit their vehicle, unclip and open the tent package, extend the built-in ladder and the frame that constitutes the tent platform. The next step involves plugging the power cord of the tent’s integrated pump into the vehicle’s AC power outlet, and then pushing the pump’s Start button. Within a few minutes, the two- to three-person tent unfolds into its full size, measuring 83 x 51 x 57 inches (210 x 130 x 145 cm).

Air Cruiser Inflatable Rooftop Tent Packed Up
The Air Cruiser, all packed up and ready for the next rooftop camping adventure.

The Air Cruiser isn’t just convenient – it’s also built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. The tent walls are crafted from a durable, waterproof polyester-cotton blend ripstop material, which has been tested to endure temperatures from -4 to 150 ºF (-20 to 66 ºC).

The tent also boasts a variety of comfort features, including an integrated memory foam mattress, six screened windows (two of which are roof windows), blackout curtains, dimmable LED interior lighting strips, and exterior boot-holder pockets beneath the door.

Air Cruiser Inflatable Rooftop Tent Windows
The Air Cruiser is equipped with six screened windows (two of which are in the roof), and blackout curtains for privacy.

The Air Cruiser is poised to hit the market soon, provided its crowdfunding campaign reaches the set goal. Early backers can expect to secure one for a pledge of US$2,199, compared to the planned retail price of $2,999. Overall, this cutting-edge tent seems to be a promising investment for those seeking simplicity, comfort, and convenience in their outdoor adventures. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: Kickstarter