The Space Acacia system: Innovative trio of camping essentials

Space Acacia Camping
The Space Acacia system is compactly designed for simple packing and car transportation. Adventure made convenient! Images © Acacia

The camping experience is about to be simplified, thanks to New Jersey-based startup Acacia. The firm has developed the Space Acacia System, a revolutionary camping setup that integrates a tent, tarp, and an inflatable mattress, enhancing convenience and reducing the complexity associated with traditional camping.

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, the Space Acacia setup includes a five-sided pop-up tent, an integrated roll-out canopy, and a 6-inch thick inflatable floor, which the tent attaches to. This unique design combines the three fundamental elements of a camping setup into a single, cohesive system.

The tent itself, an amalgamation of durability and comfort, is crafted from 300-denier waterproof-coated Oxford cloth and reinforced with integrated fiberglass poles. To ensure a pleasant camping experience, it comes equipped with eight zippered screen windows, four mesh pockets for storage, and a port for attaching an optional air conditioning unit.

The roll-out canopy, designed with a keen focus on adaptability, is made from 150-denier waterproof, SPF50 UV-blocking Oxford cloth. It functions efficiently in all weather conditions. In warm weather, it can be extended from the tent’s sides to enable warm air to exit through the tent’s open windows. Conversely, during cold weather, the canopy can be retracted to provide additional insulation, allowing the interior of the tent to stay 10 ºF (6 ºC) warmer than the outside temperature.

Space Acacia Camping Rolling out Canopy
The canopy is rolled out from the tent’s eaves, and provides shade or insulation, adapting to your camping needs in any weather.

The floor of the Space Acacia system, made of 4-ply waterproof PVC, brings in an added touch of comfort and durability. Billed as being “constructed to the same specifications as expedition-grade inflatable kayaks”, it can be inflated to a maximum pressure of 10 psi (0.7 bar) using an included electric pump, in less than 15 minutes. Impressively, it can reportedly support a load of over 4,000 lb (1,814 kg) without any risk of damage.

Adding to the allure of the Space Acacia system, the floor is carpeted with a soft, removable layer that can be washed as needed. An additional unique feature is that the floor and the attached tent are buoyant, providing the opportunity for users to experience “houseboat camping”.

Space Acacia Camping Interior
Inside the Space Acacia tent.

Currently available on Indiegogo, the Space Acacia system comes in Standard and XL sizes. The Standard version comfortably sleeps two to three people, while the XL version can accommodate up to six. Pledges start from US$849 for the 2 Person Tent + Air Floor, and go up to $1,349 for the XL Tent + Air Floor + Canopy, though retail prices are set to rise to $1,037 and $1,736 respectively.

Check out the video below for more information.

Source: Indiegogo