Versatile sheeting system for hassle-free tarping of your tipper body

Flip N Go Sheeting System for Tippers
Flip N Go sheeting system is designed for muckaway, demolition, waste and scrap applications. Images courtesy HARSH

HARSH offers an extensive range of sheeting systems for rigid tippers, designed to cover a variety of configurations and applications. Whether you require a front-to-back or side-to-side sheeting system, HARSH provides a reliable solution tailored to your needs.

The sheeting systems come with multiple drive options—manual, electric, and hydraulic—ensuring hassle-free tarping of your tipper body. Each system accommodates body sizes ranging from 3 meters to 8.5 meters in length. Manufactured in-house by HARSH’s skilled tarping staff, these tarpaulins can be customized to any size, color, or graphic requirement.

Flip N Go sheeting system

The Flip N Go is a versatile sheeting system designed for applications such as muckaway, demolition, waste, and scrap. This versatile system offers manual, electric, or hydraulic drive options, making it a preferred choice for steel tipping and tipper grab bodies.

Key features of the Flip N Go include:

Drive options: Available in manual, electric, and hydraulic variants. Electric and hydraulic drives allow operation from within the vehicle cab, adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines.

Ease of installation and maintenance: The system features galvanized steel arms and side-mounted or underbody enclosed spring assemblies, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

Flip N Go Sheeting System Drive Options
The Flip N Go sheeting system offers flexible drive options, including manual, electric, and hydraulic, for hassle-free operation.

Crane operation: For tipper grab applications, an additional crane-mounted switch allows operation from both the crane platform and the vehicle cab. The system typically finishes two-thirds down the tipper body, providing space for crane bucket storage.

Lightweight and durable design: Weighing approximately 80 kg for an 8×4 rigid tipper, the system combines lightweight design with durability. It includes standard galvanized steel arms or heavy-duty aluminum arms.

Tarpaulin quality: The heavy-duty polyester mesh tarpaulin, with an open weave design, effectively covers and contains demolition debris, muck, rubble, scrap, or waste products.

Flip N Go Sheeting System Front-to-Back Arm
The Flip N Go’s front-to-back arm system effectively covers and contains loads.

Warranty and options

HARSH offers a standard 1-year warranty on the Flip N Go system, with additional repair and maintenance service packages available. Various options are available to customize the system, including:

  • Drive options: Manual, electric, or hydraulic.
  • Spring assemblies: Side-mounted or enclosed underbody mounted.
  • Arm materials: Standard galvanized steel or heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Tarpaulin types: Mesh or vinyl 640GSM (up to 7 meters).
  • Additional features: Tipper grab crane-mounted switch and side flaps with bungee cord.
Flip N Go Sheeting System Polyester Mesh Tarpaulin
Flip N Go features a heavy-duty polyester mesh tarpaulin with an open weave design.

Pricing and enquiries

To receive more information or pricing details about the Flip N Go sheeting system, potential customers can download the enquiry form available on HARSH’s website. After filling out the form, it can be emailed to the company, and HARSH says that a team member will provide additional details and pricing.

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