XBUS RV: Adorable electric microbus camper of the future

ElectricBrands XBUS RV Camper

In the 1960s, the Volkswagen bus was the ultimate compact campervan; even today, it is still a beloved, nostalgic vehicle. But times are changing, and a new electric mini campervan is getting ready to take over the industry.

ElectricBrands is a German startup that is designing and producing the XBUS, a multi-functional electric vehicle that can be converted into a truck, van, and camper. The company recently unveiled the first prototype of the XBUS mini campervan that was built to be environmentally sustainable and hosts several groundbreaking features.

Let’s take a look at what the XBUS RV has to offer.

Vehicle features

The microbus camper is only 156 in (395 cm) long – truly micro. However, don’t let its compact size fool you. ElectricBrands designed the XBUS RV with little tricks to make it more spacious. For example, owners will be able to pop up the roof for standing space, and the back pulls out to easily fit a double bed. Suddenly the mini campervan has enough room for two people to stand and sleep comfortably.

ElectricBrands XBUS RV
The compact XBUS camper grows by the way of a slide-out rear and pop-up roof module. Images © ElectricBrands

Inside the vehicle, the company has claimed that it will equip the XBUS RV with a sink, fridge, and hotplate; however, the revealed prototype did not show any of these items. Because the concept is in its early stages, the company will likely announce more definite features in the coming months.

Battery and range

The standard 10-kWh battery pack will give the electric camper a range of 125 miles (200 km) – not the most impressive distance. An option to triple the battery size will give it a range of 372 miles (600 km), which is more on par with other electric vehicles.

It is important to note that the XBUS is being designed to be a practical vehicle. While the standard range of the van might not be astounding, drivers should ask themselves how often they drive more than 125 miles at a time – maybe once or twice a year. Car enthusiasts who are in favor of the XBUS RV are arguing that it is a new type of vehicle designed without excessive capabilities.

Solar power

ElectricBrands XBUS RV Solar Roof
The XBUS RV will have a solar roof.

On top of the electric campervan, there will be a solar roof that can generate a maximum of 800 watts of electricity per hour. ElectricBrands has claimed that the extra solar panels will help charge the vehicle and increase its range; however, that extra push will likely not be significant.

On the other hand, the slight charge obtained by the solar roof could provide enough range for quick trips to the grocery store or the office.


The new campervan, and the entire XBUS series, is being designed for modularity. The camper body of the vehicle can be removed and replaced with other body types to convert it into a pickup truck, passenger bus, and several other options. If the company can successfully achieve this goal, it will be an exciting concept that other car manufacturers could adopt.


Since the XBUS RV is still in its concept phases, numbers and figures aren’t quite set in stone. For now, ElectricBrands has the micro campervan listed at a starting price of around €35,000 (US$34,307), and the company anticipates the first deliveries of the vehicles will be in 2023.

Source: ElectricBrands