World’s first solar city car for daily urban mobility

Squad Mobility Solar City Car

Cities around the world are crowded. There are too many people, too many cars, and not enough space to fit them all. Overcrowded urban areas are hotspots for traffic and pollution, and it’ll require more than one solution to fix the problem. However, Squad Mobility, a Netherlands vehicle manufacturer, is leading the charge to create a greener tomorrow with its new electric Squad Solar City Car.

The vehicle is for overpopulated urban areas where most people only drive a few miles each day. Squad Mobility focuses on practicality and sustainability instead of unnecessary performance. According to the company, there aren’t many reasons to produce a car that can reach 180 mph if the top speed limit is 45 mph. Not focusing on power and speed will allow the company to cut back on costs and make its car more accessible to the public.

Vehicle design

The Squad Solar City Car is a compact vehicle that can fit two to four passengers, depending on the model. Its design is similar to the briefly popular Smart Car with a modern twist. With a length of just two meters, the solar car can fit into tight parking spaces. Where other cars have to park parallel to a curb, the solar car can park in the same spot perpendicularly without sticking out onto the road. The company refers to this ability as cross parking and claims three of its compact vehicles can fit in one traditional parking space.

Squad Mobility designed everything within the car for optimal storage capability. The storage space behind the seats can be expanded by folding the passenger seat, and people can keep bags and other belongings on the low dashboard without blocking the view out of the window. All in all, the solar city car is as spacious as a compact vehicle can be and could solve the parking issue within urban areas if they become a popular option.

Squad Mobility Solar City Car Cross Parking
The Squad solar city car is optimized for parking in tight spaces.

Energy efficiency

The company’s number one priority is to offer one of the most energy-efficient electric vehicles (EVs) that is emissions-free. Four swappable batteries can fit inside the solar car, giving it a range of more than 100 km (62 mi). The batteries charge through the solar panel on top of the roof, and Squad Mobility claims that the panel can give drivers 20 km (12 mi) per day. That may not sound like a far distance; however, it’s important to remember that this car is for people in cities who use their vehicles for short trips to the grocery store, appointments, or to drop off kids at school. For additional charging, drivers can plug the batteries into a regular wall outlet. According to the company, the solar car uses less energy than any public transportation in Europe.

Squad Mobility Solar City Car Solar Roof
The solar roof keeps the Squad charging, adding about 12 miles per day in Europe.

Price and availability

The Squad Solar City Car is currently available for pre-order in and outside of Europe. As of now, the vehicle will cost between €6,250 (US$6,056) and €9,300 (US$9,012). The prices are much more affordable than other cars thanks to the company’s focus on efficiency rather than performance.

Source: Squad Mobility