The American Bulldog: Canoo’s electric pickup is a civilian adaptation of the military LTV

Canoo American Bulldog Multifunctional Convertible e-Pickup
The American Bulldog indeed embodies its namesake with a distinct design featuring a pronounced cab, a compact wheelbase, and a broad, robust posture. Images courtesy Canoo

Canoo, a company known for its innovative approach to vehicle design, has recently introduced the American Bulldog. This new vehicle is a civilian version of the all-electric Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) previously developed for the US Army. The American Bulldog, a marked departure from its military counterpart, the “Screaming Eagle,” is designed with everyday functionality in mind. It represents a shift from the battlefield to more domestic settings, such as farms, ranches, and recreational activities like fishing.

The American Bulldog embodies the transformation of the LTV into a rugged, multipurpose truck suitable for consumer use. It retains the adaptable rear box of its military sibling, featuring walls that can fold away to reveal a flatbed, enhancing its versatility. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a roof rack, further expanding its cargo-carrying capabilities. This makes the Bulldog an ideal vehicle for both work and leisure, offering significant utility.

A striking feature of the American Bulldog is its new facial signature, which differs from previous Canoo vehicles and the LTV. The redesign includes horizontal headlamps arranged in a “T” shape, part of a more defined front-end characterized by dual parallel bars. This design lends the vehicle a more defined and robust appearance.

In terms of ruggedness, the Bulldog appears to surpass the 2022 Screaming Eagle LTV. It boasts a stronger front bumper and a wider track beneath more pronounced fenders. The vehicle’s body features a honeycomb construction, although Canoo has not specified if this mirrors the carbon-Kevlar composition of the LTV.

Canoo American Bulldog Multi-Purpose e-Pickup Open Flatbed
The walls lowered, transforming into an open flatbed configuration.

Canoo has hinted at features like 2- or 4-wheel drive and steer- and brake-by-wire systems. The powertrain details remain largely undisclosed, but the military version, known for its 600-hp electric drive and lifted air suspension, suggests impressive capabilities for the Bulldog.

Canoo. American Bulldog Multi-Purpose e-Pickup Offroading
Equipped with an optional all-wheel electric drive, the American Bulldog is primed for off-roading.

The interior of the four-door Bulldog is unexpectedly tactical, with MOLLE door panels and extensive dashboard storage. The driver display is offset, supplemented by a central digital drive indicator, a design choice that adds to the vehicle’s unique character.

Canoo American Bulldog Multi-Purpose e-Pickup Interior
Interior of the Canoo American Bulldog.

As of now, it remains unclear whether this intriguing electric pickup will progress beyond concept stages to become a marketable product. Enthusiasts and potential consumers eagerly await further details, particularly regarding pricing and availability. Should the American Bulldog reach production, it stands to be a distinctive addition to the growing market of electric utility vehicles, blending military-grade toughness with civilian practicality.

Canoo American Bulldog Multi-Purpose e-Pickup Glasshouse
The Bulldog offers an expansive view of the environment through its extensive glasshouse.

Source: Canoo