Titanium ring redefines measuring tools: A tape measure on your finger

Tiroler Titanium Curve Measure Ring
Compact yet capable, the Tiroler Ring effortlessly measures various lengths and shapes with its innovative design. Images courtesy Suzuki Sho

In the realm of Everyday Carry (EDC) tools, innovation is not just a luxury but a necessity for those who rely on compact, efficient gear. The Tiroler ring, an ingenious titanium device currently on Kickstarter, seeks to address a common shortfall in many EDC multitools: effective and convenient measurement. This innovative product is designed to merge the practicality of a tape measure with the simplicity and portability of a ring.

Traditional EDC multitools, while versatile, often include rudimentary rulers that are limited in length, usually measuring items in small increments. The Tiroler ring steps in to fill this gap. Crafted from titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties, this ring introduces a novel approach to measuring objects of varying sizes and shapes.

The uniqueness of the Tiroler lies in its design. It features an inner wheel marked with a scale, which can be either in imperial or metric units. This wheel spins independently as the ring is rolled along a surface. Measurements are read through a small window on the outer ring. Notably, the Tiroler ring incorporates an audible and tactile feedback mechanism – a ‘satisfying click’ as described by its creators. This feature occurs with each full revolution of the wheel, assisting users in tracking the distance measured.

For those using the metric version, each click signifies a 10 cm increment, whereas the imperial version registers every five inches. To illustrate, with the imperial model, if a user rolls the ring and hears seven clicks, then observes the number 2 in the window, the total measurement would be 37 inches – 35 inches for the seven revolutions plus the additional two inches indicated.

Tiroler Titanium Curve Measure Ring Irregular Shapes
Tiroler can measure irregular shapes, perfect for artists and DIY enthusiasts seeking precision and creativity in every project.

The rolling design of the Tiroler makes it adept at measuring irregular objects, such as cushions or bowls, a task that is often challenging with traditional tape measures. Furthermore, the ring eliminates the common struggle with the sharp and flexible metal tape found in standard measuring tools.

Aesthetically, the Tiroler is sleek and can even be worn as a necklace, making it a stylish addition to one’s gear. Alternatively, it comes with a small leather pouch for keyring attachment, offering versatility in carrying options.

Tiroler Titanium Curve Measure Ring Window
A small window on the Tiroler reveals measurements as you roll.

The Tiroler’s appeal is evident in its Kickstarter campaign success, having amassed over US$181,000, far surpassing its initial goal of $3,312. With the campaign still open, early-bird pledges are available at ¥8,650 (about $58) for the metric model and ¥10,300 (about $69) for the imperial version. Such pricing places the Tiroler within a reasonable range for specialized EDC gear, considering its unique functionality and titanium construction.

As with any crowdfunded project, potential backers should exercise the usual caution. However, the substantial funding already achieved indicates strong consumer interest and a high likelihood of the project’s continuation. The creators of the Tiroler have projected a shipping start date in mid-December, suggesting that backers won’t have to wait long to incorporate this innovative tool into their EDC arsenal.

Tiroler Titanium Curve Measure Ring Anti-Slip Stripes
Tiroler’s anti-slip design ensures superior surface grip and smooth rolling action.

Source: Kickstarter