Folding trailer hydraulically folded onto the towing vehicle to reduce road tax

MOBAS Folding Trailer
The MOBAS folding trailer helps reduce the LSVA fee in case of empty runs. Images © MOBAS

Trailers and semi-trucks have been used for decades to transport various goods and materials around the world. They have proven to be a reliable form of delivering shipments, but they come at a price. The fixed design of standard trailers makes them difficult to maneuver into pickup locations, and companies have to pay high toll fees even when a trailer is empty, which costs time and money.

A German company called MOBAS designed a new type of trailer to transport timber that could reshape the future of trucking. Instead of relying on a stationary trailer to lug goods, the company created a trailer that can be folded when not carrying a load of timber. It allows transportation companies to avoid paying road fees and provides drivers with more maneuverability.

Trucking issues in the timber industry

Trucking issues have plagued the timber industry for a long time. Timber companies rely on big, heavy trucks and trailers to transport logs. The problem is that when drivers go through tolls and cross countries and states, they have to pay a tax on the large rigs they are pulling. Even if the trailer is empty, these fees are mandatory, causing timber companies to throw money into the wind–that’s bad for business.

Massive trailers also limit drivers’ maneuverability. Often, timber pickup locations can be tricky to navigate. Drivers have to carefully position their trailers, which can take time and lead to the burning of a lot of gas. Not to mention, when trailers are empty, their traction greatly reduces. Making it dangerous for drivers on mountainous or dirt roads.

MOBAS took a hard look at all these problems and decided to take action and design an innovative folding trailer that would save companies money and be easier to maneuver.

How the MOBAS folding trailer works

When the MOBAS folding trailer is in use, it appears and functions like a normal piece of equipment. However, when drivers have empty loads, they can hydraulically fold the trailers onto the back of the towing trucks. This prevents drivers from having to pay additional fees on a trailer that’s not being used.

The process of folding and unfolding the trailer only takes a couple of minutes. Drivers can enter a tight pickup location, easily maneuver and position the truck, and then unfold the trailer for timber to be loaded. Lumber mills usually have dirt roads, which can be troublesome for empty trailers that lack reliable traction. However, because the MOBAS folding trailer improves grip, it decreases the likelihood of trucks getting stuck – saving time and money. The foldable trailer will also make it easier for companies to store them.

MOBAS offers customizable folding trailers to meet the needs of each company.

The future of Trucking?

The MOBAS folding trailer is available in Europe, and it’s making waves in the timber industry. Whether or not it will be the future of trucking remains uncertain. However, when a new piece of equipment that can save companies money is introduced, there is a great chance it will eventually become the industry standard.

Source: MOBAS