Foldable solar panel that doubles as a camping table

iNNOPOWER Foldable Solar Panel Camping Table
The iNNOPOWER portable solar panel converts into a camping table. Images © iNNOPOWER

Portable solar panels are an excellent technology that puts renewable energy in the hands of the public; however, when the sun goes down, they serve no purpose. A group of innovators who started iNNOPOWER is looking to change that.

The company designed a highly efficient solar panel that can double as a camping table. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts will no longer have to pack a cumbersome table and a bulky solar panel. But the product isn’t just for camping. If iNNOPOWER can successfully launch its solar table, it will provide practical, clean energy to anyone who doesn’t want to rely on conventional power sources.

Solar camp table concept

When most people go camping, they use standard gasoline generators as a power source. The problem is that they can be a health risk and pollute the environment around them. Because gasoline generators emit carbon monoxide, they cause dozens of accidental deaths and many more injuries each year.

iNNOPOWER wanted to provide the public with a clean and safe energy source that offered more than one use to encourage people to shift away from traditional generators. As a result, the solar camp table was born. The product is a lightweight, easily portable solar panel that can fold and zip up to be a spacious table. A single solar table can hold up to 30 kg and stand firm during windy days.

The product comes in 100W and 200W options. Customers can purchase multiple solar panels and connect them to generate more power. Additionally, when owners are ready to use them as a table, the panels can be zipped together to create a larger surface.

During the day, the solar table can soak up the sun and charge appliances or a battery source. At night, it can be the foundation of one’s dinner table.

Efficiency and optimized tilt

For a solar panel to capture the sun’s energy, its angled position is everything. iNNOPOWER equipped its product with a compass and device to ensure users can find the best tilt angle throughout the day. The company claims that the solar table will generate 25% more energy.

In one year, that would result in 50,000Wh more than other models. If these numbers prove to be true, iNNOPOWER’s solar camp table will be one of the most efficient products on the market.

Battery add-on

In addition to the solar table, iNNOPOWER also offers a 700W power station (currently only available to the US). With a full battery, the power station can give owners 11 laptop charges, 35 phone charges, or 4.7 hours of TV time. However, customers don’t have to use iNNOPOWER’s power bank because the solar table is compatible with most solar generators.

Price and availability

iNNOPOWER recently launched on Kickstarter, where interested customers can preorder the solar camp table. The various package options range from $199 to $699. The 700W power station costs an additional $599. As of now, the company plans to begin shipping preorders in October.

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