New electric ‘Moke America’ brings classic design up to date

The electric 'Moke America' is available in several colors, is fully customizable, and is made entirely in the US. Images © Moke America

A lot of people still associate the “Moke” name with the Mini Moke first created by the British Motor Corporation back in the 1960s. It became a near-instant icon, inspiring a subsequent 30 years of design and sale around the world. While these older Moke vehicles were made with gasoline engines, Moke America has created a pure-electric version, which is now to be the only Moke model available in the US. It is known by the name Moke America, or more simply as the eMoke.

Electric Moke America: modernity and sustainability

As part of its wider effort to promote greater sustainability, and broaden the fight to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change, Moke America’s new eMoke delivers many of the same classic hallmarks that have made its vehicles so great and iconic, but at the same time incorporating many modern twists.

First of all, the eMoke is bigger and wider than ever before, weighing in at around 2,300-lbs. This helps it to be the sturdiest model yet, which is useful as the ride height has been slightly raised thanks to the new 14-inch wheels (raised up from 13 inches in previous models). The driver and front passenger’s view has also been improved thanks to a new wider and taller windshield design.

The electric powertrain delivers up to 40 miles of range on a single charge, and can be charged with a standard 110-volt outlet over about 8 hours, or overnight. The good news, then, is that eMoke owners don’t have to worry about installing more powerful home-based charging solutions as they would with regular electric passenger cars. The eMoke is built for neighborhood riding with speeds of up to 25-mph, as well as for days out to the beach, or running quick errands about town.

The eMoke is sturdier than the old Mokes and has 14-inch wheels to make it taller.

Fully customizable

Each Moke America vehicle is made to order and comes with a huge range of customization options. Perhaps the most striking feature of all is the color, with Moke offering 13 different options for body color, as well as 13 more for the bumper, grille, and rollbar. You can really choose from the rainbow when it comes to painting up your new eMoke.

After choosing the array of colors that you want, you also have to choose what seats you want, whether you want a roof or all-weather car cover, a Bluetooth stereo, and a high-performance charger. The eMoke can be augmented with all of the above and much more if you want it to. What it means is that each Moke America really is built just for you, which makes it all the more special.

Pricing and availability

The electric Moke America starts at $21,975 before adding customization options. Those interested in buying should check out the Moke America website to learn more. Since every eMoke is a bit different in its customization level, the company offers a typical lead time of 160 days. Buyers are required to pay half the estimated price upfront as a deposit, plus a 3-percent charge for shipping and 4-percent charge for those using credit cards.

Nonetheless, the eMoke is available for purchase now, and is ready to become your perfect electric neighborhood transport solution.

Source: Moke America