TerraMow: An advanced AI-powered wire-free robot mower

TerraMow AI-powered Wire-free Robot Mower
TerraMow is an AI-powered, wire-free robot mower featuring advanced mapping, obstacle avoidance, and multiple mowing modes for effortless lawn care. Images courtesy Muxin

Muxin has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the TerraMow, an AI-powered, wire-free robot mower, on Kickstarter. This new addition to the market promises to revolutionize lawn care with its sophisticated technology and practical features. The launch follows the success of Muxin’s previous Kickstarter campaign for the Eufy S1 Pro, showcasing the company’s ongoing commitment to integrating intelligent robots into everyday life.

Cutting-edge technology with TerraVision

At the core of TerraMow lies TerraVision, an advanced vision system that utilizes automotive-grade cameras and AI semantic perception technologies. This system is designed to detect and categorize 3D objects, significantly enhancing the mower’s navigation and interaction capabilities.

TerraVision employs visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology in conjunction with built-in motion sensors, ensuring accurate and real-time positioning. This combination allows TerraMow to navigate complex environments, such as narrow pathways and areas under dense tree cover, with ease.

Autonomous mapping and real-time obstacle avoidance

One of the standout features of TerraMow is its autonomous mapping capability. Unlike traditional mowers that require manual setup, TerraMow automatically maps the lawn, recognizing boundaries and obstacles with high precision. This autonomous mapping not only facilitates better navigation but also ensures a more efficient mowing process.

TerraMow Robot Mower Obstacle Avoidance
TerraVision provides real-time obstacle avoidance, identifying and understanding obstacles to ensure safe and intelligent mowing.

Additionally, TerraMow is equipped with real-time obstacle avoidance capabilities. The mower can identify and maneuver around potential hazards autonomously, ensuring a safer and more effective mowing experience. By understanding the characteristics of various obstacles, TerraMow enhances both safety and efficiency during operation.

TerraMow Robot Mower Autonomous Mapping
TerraVision autonomously maps your lawn, detecting boundaries and 3D obstacles to create an accurate, pixel-level lawn map for precise navigation.

Versatile mowing modes

TerraMow offers several mowing modes to cater to different lawn care needs. These modes include:

Standard mode: For handling single-zone lawns efficiently.

Multi-base mode: Designed for managing segmented lawns connected by pathways.

Spot mode: Targets specific areas that need extra attention.

These versatile modes ensure that TerraMow can meet diverse requirements, making it a flexible solution for various lawn care scenarios.

Customizable edge cutting and mobile app control

TerraMow’s customizable edge-cutting feature leverages AI vision to accurately identify lawn boundaries. This allows users to precisely customize the cutting distance along the edges. On suitable terrains, TerraMow can achieve zero-distance cutting by riding over the lawn edge, ensuring a neat and thorough trim.

TerraMow Robot Mower Precise Edge Cutting
TerraMow dynamically plans its mowing paths, using real-time boundary detection to trim lawn edges with precision.

Users can control and customize TerraMow’s operations through a dedicated mobile app. The app provides options to set mowing schedules, define specific mowing zones, and establish no-go zones to protect delicate areas like flower beds. Furthermore, TerraMow is equipped with anti-theft features, including GPS and 4G modules, ensuring the device can be tracked and secured.

Durability and maintenance

Built to last, TerraMow features a design focused on durability and performance. It boasts an IPX6 waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand rain and humid conditions. The upright design facilitates easier maintenance, while the adjustable cutting height and quieter operation enhance the overall user experience.

TerraMow Robot Mower IPX6 Waterproof
IPX6 waterproof design resists water and rain, while its upright stance ensures easy maintenance.

Company background

Muxin, founded in 2019, recently celebrated its 5th anniversary on June 11th, 2024. The company specializes in developing AI vision systems for robotic solutions, with a focus on innovating smart home robots. Muxin integrates cutting-edge visual perception sensors and navigation systems into its products, bringing advanced intelligence to household tasks. Notable creations by Muxin include the Eufy S1 Pro, Noesis Florio, and Rowenta X-Plorer 240 AI+.

Pricing information

The TerraMow is available at exclusive discounted rates through its Kickstarter campaign. The TerraMow S800 can be locked in at $999, a 45% discount off its MSRP of $1,799. Alternatively, the TerraMow S1200 is offered at $1,199, saving 43% off the MSRP of $2,099. These offers present a significant saving for early adopters looking to enhance their lawn care with advanced technology.

TerraMow AI-powered Wire-free Robot Mower Kickstarter
TerraMow’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live, with an estimated delivery of July 2024 if all goes to plan.

Source: Kickstarter