Go off-grid with Living Vehicle’s H2O-making, solar-powered RV

Living Vehicle 2024 HD-Pro Solar-Powered RV
The innovative 4-season HD-Pro boasts a battery capacity equivalent to that of a Tesla Model 3, and supplements it with a versatile dual-awning solar charging system for optimal energy efficiency. Images © Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle has always bridged the gap between recreational campers and full-time micro-homes. Now, they are making a significant leap towards becoming off-grid homesteads with the launch of their new 4-season HD-Pro model. With a Tesla Model 3-sized battery and an expandable dual-awning solar charging system, the HD-Pro is designed to provide a luxurious and eco-friendly off-grid living experience.

Since its inception in 2017, the California-based company has focused on pushing their trailers further from the grid while maintaining a high level of amenities. The 2024 HD-Pro model takes this to a new level, offering a comprehensive off-grid living solution for those seeking a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

The HD-Pro is the flagship model in Living Vehicle’s 2024 lineup. This 30-foot (9.1-m) triple-axle trailer comes equipped with a 72-kWh lithium-ion battery bank, allowing it to operate entirely off-grid. To support the power demands of the trailer’s extensive residential-style amenities, the company has also increased the size of the solar array. A 4,400-W solar spread is mounted on the roof and can be expanded at camp via two deployable awnings.

Designed for complete self-sufficiency, the HD-Pro powers equipment such as the 240-V dual-zone electric heating system and a 24-K BTU air conditioner with a high SEER rating of 21 for maximum cooling efficiency. The trailer is well-insulated with a rigid closed-cell foam insulation package, ensuring a comfortable interior regardless of the external temperature, which can range between -4 and 120 °F (-20 to 49 °C).

2024 Living Vehicle HD and LT Models
Living Vehicle upgrades and splits its 2024 lineup by introducing the 30-foot HD (left) alongside the more compact 24-foot LT (right) models.

While the HD-Pro aims to provide emissions-free living, it also offers backup power sources such as a propane tank, generator, tow vehicle-installed alternator, and additional deployable solar panels. This ensures that residents won’t be left in the dark during inclement weather that may impact solar charging capabilities.

One of the most innovative features of the HD-Pro is the optional water-making system. The integrated WaterGen system can extract up to 5 gallons (18.9 L) of drinking water per day from ambient humidity, reducing or even eliminating the need for water delivery or off-site fill-ups. This system makes it possible to live off-grid with minimal reliance on external resources.

Living Vehicle 2024 WaterGen System
A standout feature in the 2024 Living Vehicle is the seamlessly integrated WaterGen system, which generates water from the atmosphere and supplies fresh daily water through the onboard plumbing.

The HD-Pro comes standard with a front queen-bed master suite, with the option to upgrade to a king-size bed. Other bedroom layouts are available, including a bunkhouse with four single beds or a mobile office layout featuring a Murphy queen bed that transforms into a mobile workstation. A dry bathroom, residential-style gourmet kitchen, and fold-out patio are among the other luxurious amenities included in the HD-Pro model.

At the rear of the HD-Pro is a dining lounge with an L-shaped sofa that converts into a queen-size guest bed. Additional lift-away beds are available, providing a maximum sleeping capacity of eight people. The base price for the HD-Pro starts at $639,995, with a range of enticing options available, such as a “zero gravity lounge,” 4K home theater system, Starlink satellite internet, and an all-terrain navigation package.

Living Vehicle 2024 Solar Charging System
The expansive solar charging system on the roof of the Living Vehicle, capturing abundant sunlight for efficient off-grid energy generation.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the $459,995 HD-Core model features a 22-kWh lithium battery bank and 2,000 watts of solar, while the $549,995 Max model offers a 43-kWh battery connected to 3,000 watts of solar panels. In addition, Living Vehicle will soon launch the LT, a smaller 24-foot (7.3-m) two-axle model with Core, Max, and Pro packages with the same battery and solar specs as the HD series. The LT starts at $359,995 and features a simplified floor plan with a smaller front room that can be customized as a storage and gear room, bunk room, or mobile office space. Like the HD series, the LT also includes a dry bathroom, rear sofa/bed dining lounge, island kitchen, and fold-down deck.

Living Vehicle HD 2024 Bedroom
The Living Vehicle HD is equipped with a standard queen-sized bedroom, now offering the option to upgrade to a king-sized bed.
Living Vehicle 2024 Kitchen
The kitchen features a mobile island, allowing for adaptable functionality and space utilization.

Living Vehicle’s 2024 lineup aims to provide a truly off-grid living experience without compromising on comfort or luxury. With models catering to various budgets and needs, these trailers are ideal for modern pioneers seeking an eco-friendly and self-sufficient lifestyle. By combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, Living Vehicle is pushing the boundaries of what it means to live off the grid.

Living Vehicle 2024 Off-Grid Life
Relishing the off-grid lifestyle in the luxurious Living Vehicle.

To get a closer look at the 2024 Living Vehicle’s features and stunning design, you can watch their short intro video, which combines breathtaking scenery with detailed information about these groundbreaking off-grid trailers. With Living Vehicle’s 2024 lineup, the dream of cutting ties to the grid and exploring the world in a self-sufficient, eco-friendly manner is now more accessible than ever before.

Source: Living Vehicle