The future of luxury motorhomes: Marchi Mobile’s two-story Elemment Palazzo Superior

Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV
The Elemment Palazzo Superior, an opulent RV, boasts a fishbowl cockpit so unique, it feels like a submarine from an alien aquatic world. Images © Marchi Mobile

Road trips have always been a popular pastime, but imagine hitting the highway in a two-story, luxury motorhome that also doubles as your personal nightclub. Sounds like a scene from a futuristic movie, right? But the future is already here, courtesy of Austrian brand Marchi Mobile and their game-changing Elemment Palazzo Superior.

With a staggering 732 square-feet of interior space, the Elemment Palazzo Superior stands out not just amongst RVs, but even when compared to some urban apartments. And while its expansive space is noteworthy, what truly sets it apart is its uncanny design. Resembling more of an aquatic vessel than a motorhome, its fishbowl-style cockpit might just make you think you’re captaining a submarine rather than steering a recreational vehicle. This otherworldly design is not just for aesthetics, it’s constructed for those with a penchant for extravagant road adventures.

Marchi Mobile labels this behemoth the “mansion mobile,” a title that it undoubtedly earns. The Elemment Palazzo Superior draws design inspiration from the visionary German designer Luigi Colani, who, in the 1970s, had an aspiration to transform semi-trucks into more aerodynamic and safer vehicles. Half a century later, the core of his innovative ideas can be witnessed in this two-story luxury motorhome.

Driving the Elemment Palazzo Superior is an experience in itself. The cockpit boasts a jet-inspired instrument panel and panoramic side-to-side views of the journey ahead. And for those concerned about the glaring sun, fret not. The vehicle is equipped with an adjustable sun protection system that can darken the glass at will.

Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV Panoramic Cockpit
The cockpit offers a jet-like dashboard with expansive views of the unfolding road.

Dimension-wise, the RV is truly majestic. Measuring 45 feet in length and eight feet in width, a section of its interior can even extend to provide a 16 feet wall-to-wall space. Inside, you’ll find features synonymous with luxury. From a fully-equipped kitchen to a lavish entertainment area boasting a 42-inch LED TV, and from a master bedroom complete with royal bedding to a spa-inspired bathroom sporting a glazed rainfall shower – every detail exudes opulence.

Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV Master Bedroom
Experience tranquility in the Elemment Palazzo Superior’s master bedroom, blending comfort with regal design.

While the interiors are certainly breathtaking, the Elemment Palazzo Superior goes a step further with its pièce de résistance: an automated, rooftop Sky Lounge. This deck area emerges from the roof, providing a haven complete with a sky canopy, premium furniture, heated flooring, and a top-notch Steinway & Lyngdorf audio system. Essentially, it’s a rooftop nightclub designed to make your road trips truly unforgettable.

Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV Rooftop Nightclub
Sky Lounge: Elevate your road trips with Elemment Palazzo Superior’s pop-up rooftop nightclub.

Powering this grandeur on wheels is a robust 600 hp Volvo six-cylinder engine, ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t just look good, but performs exceptionally too.

Now, such luxury and innovation come at a price. Marchi Mobile’s Elemment Palazzo Superior is the crown jewel of their RV lineup. Although the official price isn’t openly advertised, reports suggest a hefty $3 million tag.

Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV Lounge Area
Within the Elemment Palazzo Superior, the lounge seamlessly flows into the master bedroom.

In conclusion, while traditional road trips in standard RVs have their own charm, the Elemment Palazzo Superior offers an unprecedented blend of luxury and innovation on wheels. Whether you’re watching the landscape unfold from its fishbowl cockpit or dancing the night away on its rooftop deck, this motorhome redefines what road tripping can be. For those with the means, the future of luxury travel is already here.

Elemment Palazzo Superior Luxury RV Cocktail Lounge
The upstairs cocktail lounge features plush furnishings, a bar and a captivating skylight.

Source: Marchi Mobile