The first all-electric crossover model in the new MINI family

MINI Concept Aceman EV
The MINI Concept Aceman is an electric crossover that will slot between the Cooper and Countryman. Images © MINI/BMW

The British car manufacturer MINI recently announced its latest all-electric MINI Concept Aceman. Since Tesla’s electric vehicles began making waves and the global consensus began shifting away from traditional gasoline, most top car manufacturers have released their own electric vehicles (EVs) or expressed plans to do so.

MINI first released the electric MINI Cooper SE in June 2017. The vehicle gained little traction and fell short of other EVs on the market. Now, the company is looking to solidify itself as a major player in the electric car industry with a new model. However, there are some components of the concept that may surprise viewers.

The Aceman design

The Aceman is set to be an electric crossover equipped with the latest and most advanced electric car technology. Compared to the manufacturer’s other models, it’s most similar to the MINI Countryman–a four-door crossover SUV. However, the MINI Concept Aceman has a futuristic appearance with a sleek and cohesive look and a grille that lights up in color.

MINI wants its new EV to turn heads. The body of the concept car, which is just a digitalization, for now, has subtle hues to give its surface and edges a three-dimensional appearance. On top, there’s a car rack in the shape of the British flag that flickers blue, purple, green, turquoise, and pink.

The exterior design is exciting. If the all-electric MINI Concept Aceman is what the actual car will look like, it will be a step in a new direction for the MINI collection.

MINI Concept Aceman EV Interior
The interior lets drivers create projection and sound experiences – it’s everything but subtle.

New interior look

From what the company has revealed, the MINI crossover model will have a minimalist interior–on par with other EV designs. The dashboard of the concept car is wrapped in a textile made from recycled materials–further stressing MINI’s new focus on an environmentally friendly world.

The seats are made from multicolored fabrics, which the company describes as subtle. However, based on the photos and concept video, they’re everything but subtle. It’s likely that the company will redesign the seat covers for the official model, but for now, they have a look that turns heads.

On the middle of the dashboard, there’s a large circular screen where passengers can change interior light settings and presumably connect to Bluetooth. Beneath that is the toggle bar, which contains switches to turn the car on/off, initiate the parking brake, control the audio volume, and select gears.

MINI Concept Aceman EV Infotainment Screen
There’s a circular OLED infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard.

Expected range and abilities

As of now, MINI has not released the specific range and power that the all-electric MINI concept Aceman will have. If it’s anything like the electric MINI Cooper SE, people can assume it will have a range of more than 110 miles. However, MINI may take the Aceman’s abilities to the next level to compete with other EV manufacturers.

MINI’s future and availability

Executives of MINI have expressed that the future of the company is electric. As of now, the company has a lot to prove since the abilities of its previous EV designs have fallen short of its competitors’ models.

It’s believed that the electric MINI crossover model will hit production sometime in 2024. Until then, people can expect the company to release official specs of the Aceman in the next year.

Source: MINI