Exoquad four-wheeler brings off-road adventure to wheelchair users

All-terrain Exoquad for Wheelchair Users
The Exoquad transforms outdoor exploration for wheelchair users with its rugged, all-terrain design and innovative mobility features. Images courtesy Exotek

Nature offers a vast playground for adventure seekers, but not everyone has equal access to its rugged landscapes. Addressing this gap, the Exoquad emerges as an innovative solution designed to empower wheelchair users with the freedom to explore the outdoors independently. This four-wheeler, born from the collaboration between Norwegian startup Exotek’s founders, Mattias Storvestre and Sigurd Groven, combines functionality with adventure, offering a new dimension to mobility and outdoor exploration.

The genesis of the Exoquad is deeply personal. Storvestre, a flight mechanic and CAD designer, sought a mobility aid to enable his physically challenged wife to participate in hiking adventures. Groven, a physical therapist, found his options for outdoor mobility severely limited after a T1 complete spinal cord injury sustained while mountain biking. Together, their experiences fueled the development of the Exoquad, tailored to meet the needs of individuals keen on conquering challenging terrains.

Available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations, the Exoquad distinguishes itself with a robust design. The 4WD variant is constructed using a 6061 tubular aluminum frame, reinforced with a roll bar for enhanced safety. It rides on 20 x 4-inch Kenda fatbike tires, designed to tackle the most challenging surfaces. Safety and control are paramount, addressed by Tektro Twin+ hydraulic disc brakes and DNM adjustable coil shocks offering 170 to 200 mm of travel, ensuring a smooth ride over uneven terrain.

The powertrain of the Exoquad varies between its 2WD and 4WD configurations. The 2WD model is equipped with two 3.5-kW rear hub motors, each delivering 190 Nm of torque, ensuring ample power for outdoor adventures. The 4WD version supplements this setup with 600W hub motors on the front wheels, enhancing its all-terrain capabilities.

All-terrain Exoquad for Wheelchair Users Specs
The Exoquad features a durable 6061 aluminum frame, 20 x 4-inch fatbike tires, and adjustable coil shocks for versatile outdoor mobility.

A removable 48V/2.1-kWh lithium battery powers the motors, with a single charge offering four to six hours of mixed-mode riding. The vehicle’s top speed is 6 km/h in 4WD mode and 15 km/h in 2WD mode, with the option to switch between modes to conserve battery on easier terrains.

For those who crave the thrill of downhill descents without the need for motorized assistance, the Exogravity variant presents a compelling option. It shares many specifications with the motorized Exoquad but forgoes the motor and battery for pure gravity-fed excitement. Fitted with 24 x 2.3-inch Maxxis downhill tires and weighing in at 49 kg, the Exogravity is also touted as suitable for dog sledding, showcasing its versatility.

All-terrain Exogravity Downhill Version
The Exogravity offers thrilling, motor-free downhill rides with its lightweight design and 24 x 2.3-inch Maxxis tires.

Pricing reflects the innovative features and engineering behind the Exoquad series. The 4WD Exoquad starts at €15,999 (approximately $17,160), with the 2WD version priced at €12,999 ($13,943). The non-motorized Exogravity is the most accessible model at €7,199 ($7,722). While the cost may seem steep, it reflects the value of independence and adventure it provides to those eager to explore the great outdoors, regardless of mobility challenges.

All-terrain Exoquad 2wd and 4wd
Equipped with dual 3.5-kW motors, the 2WD Exoquad delivers robust 190 Nm torque, enhanced in the 4WD version with additional 600W front-wheel motors for extra power.

Source: Exotek