Portable water bike attaches to your body, helps quickly cover large distances

Seabike Portable Water Bike
SEABIKE, the portable water bike, attaches to your body with a belt and propels you forward as you pedal. Images courtesy SEABIKE

The SEABIKE range offers an innovative approach to water recreation, providing a unique combination of mobility, simplicity, and fun. Designed for both fresh and saltwater, the SEABIKE models are portable water bikes that allow users to cover significant distances effortlessly. This article delves into the features, specifications, and pricing of the SEABIKE series, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of what each model offers.

The concept behind SEABIKE

The SEABIKE operates on a straightforward principle: as you pedal, the attached propeller spins, propelling you through the water. This mechanism is the heart of the SEABIKE’s design, offering users complete freedom of movement. Its mechanical drive system eliminates the need for charging, emphasizing ease of use and accessibility.

SEABIKE 2.0: The standard model

Priced at €290.00, the SEABIKE 2.0 is the series’ entry-level model. It is designed for anyone looking to swim across lakes or compete with friends at sea without the exhaustion typically associated with long-distance swimming. The model is lightweight and portable, weighing 2.6 kg, and comes in a compact package measuring 550 x 170 x 170 mm. It’s constructed from durable materials to ensure reliability over time.

SEABIKE PRO: The advanced model

At €370.00, the SEABIKE Pro offers enhancements over the standard model, catering to those looking for more convenience in their water-based activities. It features a reduced pontoon diameter for greater compactness and includes captive bolts for frame adjustment, preventing loss even in water. Its quick-release propeller adds to the ease of use, and the included 650g ballast weight allows for buoyancy customization. Weighing just 2.1 kg, the SEABIKE Pro is ideal for enhancing seaside vacations or yacht trips.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Fresh and Salt Water
Designed for versatility, the SEABIKE is perfect for both fresh and saltwater exploration, offering endless aquatic adventures.

SEABIKE PREMIUM: The elite model

The SEABIKE Premium, priced at €590.00, is the top-tier model designed for those seeking the ultimate in water recreation luxury. It distinguishes itself with light gear design, titanium connecting rods, and a shaft, ensuring reliability while maintaining a light weight of 1.9 kg. Its quick-release propeller system and simple assembly process make it user-friendly for all ages. The SEABIKE Premium is capable of speeds up to 2.2 m/s (4.27 knots) and is packaged in a classy gift box for an impressive presentation.

Unique features across the range

All SEABIKE models boast a mechanical drive system that requires no charging, making them ready for use anytime. They are designed to be easily attached to the user with a belt, included with each model. The SEABIKE’s portability is one of its standout features, with each model designed to be lightweight and compact enough for easy transportation, even in a car.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Mechanical Drive
The SEABIKE features a mechanical drive, eliminating the need for charging, and a lightweight, portable design for easy transport.

Additional offerings

The SEABIKE range is not just about the individual models; it also extends to unique experiences such as the Seabike Snorkeling Tours, touted as the easiest and safest snorkeling experience available. Furthermore, the Cannes Seabike Club offers aquatic leisure activities while promoting the protection of the Mediterranean coastline, adding a community and environmental conservation aspect to the SEABIKE experience.

In summary

The SEABIKE series offers a range of portable water bikes that cater to various needs and preferences, from casual water enthusiasts to those seeking premium water recreation equipment. With models like the SEABIKE 2.0, SEABIKE Pro, and SEABIKE Premium, users are provided with options that balance performance, convenience, and portability. Whether it’s for personal use or as a unique gift, the SEABIKE series presents an engaging way to explore waterways, enhancing the experience of swimming, snorkeling, and water-based leisure.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Cannes Snorkeling Tour
Seabike also offers snorkeling tours, including a captivating journey along the Cannes coast, allowing adventurers to explore underwater wonders and scenic beauty.