Escend Blades: World’s first electric inline skates

Escend Blades Electric Inline Skates
Escend brings high-end electric rollerblades made for commuting, leisure and fun. Images courtesy Escend

Escend Blades has ushered in a new era in the realm of rollerblading with the introduction of the world’s first electric inline skates. A harmonious blend of innovation and engineering excellence, these high-end electric rollerblades are set to redefine commuting, leisure, and fun, propelling enthusiasts into a horizon brimming with boundless possibilities.

Equipped with potent hub motors, the Escend Blades effortlessly deliver a striking top speed of 25km/h, coupled with a resilient range of 16km on a single charge. The motors are not just robust with 800W of combined power and 5 Nm of torque, but they also operate with a captivating silence, allowing riders to conquer terrains and uphill gradients of up to 20% with impeccable ease and finesse.

Weighing in at 3.75kg each, the lightweight design of these blades ensures that maneuverability is never compromised. Each blade is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, guaranteeing unmatched strength and quality that easily withstands the rigors of both on and off-road rollerblading.

The off-road capabilities of the Escend Blades are particularly remarkable. Fitted with all-terrain tyres characterized by 90a hardness and a 105mm diameter, these blades showcase an extraordinary prowess to traverse diverse terrains ranging from smooth pavements to challenging off-road conditions such as gravel, grass, and sand. Furthermore, the tyres, which are designed to be durable and puncture-proof, facilitate an ultra-smooth ride, thanks to their excellent shock-absorbing properties.

Escend Blades Electric Inline Skates Mounting Options
Mount your own skate boots with Escend’s adaptable frames, or strap-in with their selection of boots.

In terms of control, the electric inline skates come with a wireless remote that offers a seamless interaction interface, allowing riders to maintain perfect control over their journey. The ergonomic design of the remote, coupled with an OLED display, ensures riders have immediate access to essential information such as speed, travelled distance, and battery level. Vibratory alerts have also been integrated into the system, providing timely notifications when the battery level hits 50% and 25%.

Escend Blades Electric Inline Skates Wireless Remote
Control your pace and monitor your journey with the wireless remote – featuring real-time speed and battery display.

The regenerative braking system on the Escend Blades marks another milestone in their innovative design. This feature allows the batteries to recharge during braking, further enhancing their range and efficiency. Charging the blades is also quite expedient, with a super charge feature that boosts the battery from 20% to 80% within an impressive 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Escend Blades Electric Inline Skates Regen Braking
Fitted with regenerative braking, you can slow down with a push of a button while simultaneously recharging the battery.

Ease of travel has been given special consideration in the design of the Escend Blades. With dimensions closely mirroring those of regular inline skates, these electric blades affirm their compatibility with public transport. The integration of removable batteries that comply with air travel guidelines further underscores their travel-friendly design.

Various purchase options are available for those interested in acquiring these electric inline skates. You have the option to choose setups that include different boot types or just the platforms alone. The prices are as follows:

Escend Blades Electric Inline Skates Travel Easy
The Escend Blades are travel-friendly – nearly as compact as regular skates and air-travel certified thanks to the removable battery.
  • Escend Blades with Doop Boots is priced at $969.00
  • Escend Blades with Metro Boots is available for $919.00
  • Platforms Only option is offered at $849.00

This ingenious invention beckons to skating enthusiasts and commuters alike, promising a commute that is not just efficient, but also exhilarating and eco-friendly.

Source: Escend