Ti-Mag: The compact ratcheting magnetic screwdriver with a twist

Ti-Mag Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver
The Ti-Mag is currently on Kickstarter. Images courtesy Logical Carry

In the world of handheld tools, innovation and convenience often drive design, and this is no different for the Ti-Mag ratcheting magnetic screwdriver. Introduced by Logical Carry and currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, Ti-Mag redefines portability and utility in interchangeable-bit screwdrivers. With its compact, flat-form design, it is a tool meant to comfortably fit into your pocket.

Made available in two body material variants – titanium and anodized aluminum, the Ti-Mag ensures durability and choice in its offerings. A bronze plate surrounds its bidirectional magnetic ratcheting bit hole, enhancing its structural integrity. The screwdriver incorporates three magnetic bit holes in total, two of which are non-ratcheting. These holes are designed to accommodate standard quarter-inch bits, making it versatile and compatible.

Ti-Mag Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver Magazine
Imagine the bits are like bullets, and they are locked securely in place with strong magnets inside the titanium “Magazine.”

Complementing its design are twelve included bits, five of which can be neatly stored in an integrated magnetized “magazine” within the tool, ensuring that they are always within reach. The tool also comes equipped with an extended bit driver, designed meticulously for those hard-to-reach tight spaces, and held conveniently in place with magnets when not in use.

Another feature that sets the Ti-Mag apart is its integrated pry bar, adding a layer of functionality that broadens its application and usefulness. The tool itself is compact, measuring 92 mm in length, 11 mm in thickness, and 35 mm in width, and it weighs 110 g in its titanium form and 78 g in aluminum.

Ti-Mag Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver Magazine Ratchet Mechanism
The Ti-Mag’s body is used for leverage when ratcheting.

For those interested in acquiring the Ti-Mag, it comes with a pledge of US$69 for the aluminum model and $89 for the titanium model on Kickstarter. When it hits the retail shelves, the prices are planned to be set at $89 and $109, respectively.

Source: Kickstarter