Fast-deploying solar/hydrogen nanogrid provides emergency power off-grid

Sesame Solar Hydrogen Nanogrid
Sesame Solar's Nanogrids leverage solar power and green hydrogen to bring energy where it's needed most. Images © Sesame Solar

A Michigan-based energy company, Sesame Solar, has recently unveiled their all new 100-percent renewable mobile nanogrid, a system which they believe will be a key to providing emergency power, heat, and light during the darkest emergency periods faced all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this system so unique and powerful.

Mobile renewable energy

According to Sesame Solar, the strongest selling point of their system is that all energy provided is green and renewable, either coming from its expandable wing-like solar panels, or from green hydrogen. The unit can be transported into any emergency zone before being quickly deployed and activated in mere minutes. It thus brings light back to the dark when things seem to be at their worst. Such a thing is typically the first step to getting aid and recovery efforts moving after almost any kind of disaster.

The solar panels are used as the primary source of electrical power, but if demand is rising, then it will turn to its hydrogen sources. Solar-powered on-board electrolyzers convert water into hydrogen gas and oxygen before storing the hydrogen in tanks and venting out the oxygen into the air. This backup system will kick in as soon as battery level from solar charging drops below 35 percent.

Imagine a hurricane has just wiped out power in multiple neighborhoods. Sesame Solar’s portable system can be rolled into place and power restored incredibly quickly, allowing people in shelters or community centers at least some basic levels of comfort and utility as efforts to clean up and rebuild get underway.

It also means that medical facilities never have to fear operating with limited or zero power. It can also be used to power communications equipment, Internet connectivity gear, water purification systems, and more.

Sesame Solar Hydrogen Nanogrid Shipping Container
Shipping container version of the nanogrid.

Flexible, clean and durable

The nanogrid system hasn’t been built with a one-size-fits-all capacity that everyone must accept. Units can be set with capacity from as little as 15kWh up to 150kWh. The units can be deployed by a single person within 15 minutes. What’s more, with the primary solar power system backed up with the hydrogen tanks, the nanogrid is only delivering clean and renewable energy, no matter how it is working.

The cleanliness of the system also helps to make it safer, not relying on the highly flammable and toxic kinds of fossil fuels that diesel and similar generators require to work. Transporting and storing fuel for such generators is a hassle, and only contributes further to polluting the area, as well as contributing to our overall carbon footprint.

Sesame Solar Hydrogen Nanogrid
Sesame Solar’s nanogrids can be transported to location by a variety of vehicles.

Should the solar and hydrogen units still not be sufficient for whatever reason, then compact wind turbines can also be installed to provide additional power generation capabilities. These units are built to withstand the very same hurricane winds and heavy rains that they are coming to help people recover from, and can remain in operation for up to 20 years.

Learn more about these impressive units and how much benefit they can potentially bring by visiting the Sesame Solar website. These are no mere prototypes, either. They are ready to order, with shipping estimated within 45 business days.

Source: Sesame Solar