Mobile solar containers provide solar power anytime, anywhere

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Unfolding Mechanism
The Solarcontainer unfolds to provide solar power, anytime, anywhere. Images courtesy SolarCont

The quest for renewable energy solutions has led to significant innovations designed to overcome the modern world’s environmental challenges. Among these innovations, the Solarcontainer stands out as a testament to ingenuity and practicality in solar energy utilization. Developed by SolarCont GmbH, a collaboration between Hilber Solar GmbH and Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH, this mobile photovoltaic system represents a leap towards maximizing solar energy use while ensuring ease of transport and installation.

Bridging the gap in renewable energy accessibility

The Solarcontainer is crafted to address the pressing need for flexible and efficient renewable energy sources. Its design embodies a fusion of compactness, mobility, and quick deployment capability, encapsulating the essence of innovation in the face of adversity.

The system’s core comprises folded solar panels ingeniously housed within a container frame that aligns with the standard dimensions of a 20-foot “high-cube” container, as per ISO 668 with CSC certification. This strategic design enables the Solarcontainer to be transported effortlessly across the globe via cargo ships, trains, and trucks, breaking barriers to renewable energy access.

Unveiling the technical excellence of the Solarcontainer

At its heart, the Solarcontainer is a marvel of engineering, designed to unfold into an expansive array of solar panels covering an impressive area of 720m². With 240 PV modules and an extended length of 120 meters when deployed, it boasts a generating capacity of up to 140kWp.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Panels Unfolding Over Rails
The Solarcontainer transforms from a standard container to an extensive solar array via an innovative rail system, seamlessly unfolding 240 modules.

This capacity is housed on a durable floor frame, mirroring the dimensions of a 20f HC container, and incorporates an advanced PV rail system alongside a folding mechanism. These features ensure the system retains the transport and lifting characteristics of a standard container while maximizing the inclusion of high-efficiency solar panels.

The setup process is streamlined to ensure rapid deployment. A team of 3-4 installers and a crane operator can assemble the Solarcontainer within a day, highlighting its user-friendly design. This process is facilitated by an electric folding and unfolding mechanism, which eliminates the need for manual labor and ensures efficient setup and breakdown, even in the absence of external power sources (except in cases of power outages where an emergency generator or energy storage might be required).

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Crane
A crane delicately positions the Solarcontainer on-site, where a small team of 3-4 people can swiftly set it up within a day.

A multifaceted solution for diverse energy needs

The versatility of the Solarcontainer is one of its most compelling attributes. Capable of supplying electricity to approximately 32 households in Southern Germany and up to 50 households in Southern Europe, it showcases the potential to make a significant impact on local communities’ energy supply. Its robust construction offers stability without the need for a foundation, although additional measures can be taken to secure the system against high wind loads.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont PV Rail System
The Solarcontainer’s panels automatically unfold over a conveyor system with an electric mechanism.

The Solarcontainer’s applications are wide-ranging, from supporting agricultural and water management initiatives to providing auxiliary power for construction sites, emergency areas, and off-grid charging stations. It serves as an additional power source, bolstering existing generators or supplying energy to remote locations. Its ability to function in both on-grid and off-grid settings further extends its utility, catering to events, venues, and communities in need of reliable, sustainable power solutions.

Operational efficiency and sustainability

Maintenance of the Solarcontainer is straightforward, necessitating regular checks to ensure optimal performance. It comes equipped with an inverter and all necessary electrical components pre-installed, facilitating immediate operation post-setup. The system is designed to be compliant with legal regulations at the installation site, emphasizing the importance of routine maintenance for sustained yield.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Transport
The versatile Solarcontainer is designed for easy global transport via cargo ships, trains, and trucks, ensuring solar power can reach anywhere.

Notably, the Solarcontainer supports both on-grid (grid-connected) and off-grid (islanded system) configurations, allowing for flexibility in its application across various scenarios. This adaptability is crucial for areas lacking infrastructure, where the Solarcontainer can provide an independent power source or supplement existing grids during periods of high demand.

The future of solar energy deployment

The introduction of the Solarcontainer marks a significant advancement in the field of renewable energy. Its innovative design, ease of transport and installation, and versatile application potential underscore the growing importance of accessible and efficient solar power solutions.

Whether it’s enhancing energy supply in remote areas, providing emergency power, or supporting sustainable initiatives in agriculture, construction, and community development, the Solarcontainer offers a promising solution to the challenges of modern energy demands.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Dimensions
With dimensions of 6.0m in length, 2.4m in width, and 2.9m in height, the Solarcontainer fits standard 20-foot high-cube container specs for easy handling.

The collaboration between Hilber Solar GmbH and Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH in creating SolarCont GmbH and, by extension, the Solarcontainer, epitomizes the synergistic potential of combining expertise in solar technology and container manufacturing. This partnership not only brings forth a product that can significantly impact renewable energy accessibility but also sets a precedent for future innovations in the sector.

In conclusion, the Solarcontainer by SolarCont GmbH is not merely a mobile solar power solution; it is a comprehensive approach to addressing the urgent need for renewable energy across the globe. Its deployment could revolutionize the way communities, industries, and emergency services access and utilize solar energy, paving the way for a more sustainable and energy-secure future.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Setup Complete
Fully unfolded, the Solarcontainer spans 120m in length with 240 PV modules, ready to harness the sun’s energy and power up communities.

As the world continues to grapple with the implications of climate change and the finite nature of fossil fuels, innovations like the Solarcontainer will play a pivotal role in the transition towards a more sustainable energy paradigm.

Source: Solarcontainer