Dropy all-terrain teardrop micro-camper

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper
The Dropy camper made its debut last fall and is currently on the market, offering a variety of customization choices. Images courtesy Drop Campers

In a world increasingly drawn to the allure of outdoor adventures and off-the-grid escapes, the Dropy teardrop micro-camper emerges as a noteworthy contender. Crafted by Spain-based Drop Campers, this trailer combines a unique design with functional features aimed at those eager to explore beyond city limits. Exploring the Dropy, we uncover its specifications, the unique approach to its kitchen design, and the wide array of customization options available.

Design and durability: The Dropy aesthetic

The Dropy distinguishes itself from the typical teardrop trailer with a tailgate-free, squaredrop design, optimized for space without compromising on outdoor culinary capabilities. It stands out with a rugged appearance, courtesy of a thick Line-X protective liner coating its aluminum composite-skinned birch body.

This 13-ft (4-m) long camper, though considered less extreme than its sibling, the Dropland, adopts a more crossover appeal with a squared-off polygonal shape that is both eye-catching and functional.

Constructed to endure, the Dropy’s body is insulated with Kaiflex closed-cell rubber and mounted on a welded galvanized steel chassis. It features a torsion bar axle, with options for leaf spring and independent suspension, catering to various terrains with standard all-road/all-season tires or the optional BFGoodrich KO2 mud-terrains.

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper Unique Shape
Positioned uniquely at the crossroads of teardrop and squaredrop designs, the Dropy trailer from Drop Campers has a unique shape and layout.

Innovative kitchen setup

The Dropy’s kitchen design is a significant departure from traditional rear kitchens found in similar trailers. Instead of a recessed kitchen, it boasts a convertible two-part setup: a fold-down rear traction board table alongside a small stove slide-out.

This configuration is not just space-efficient but versatile, serving as a food prep area, workbench, or casual side table. The addition of a piped faucet, compatible with an available Yakima RoadShower, ensures fresh water supply, enhancing the outdoor cooking experience.

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper Multi-functional Kitchen
The Dropy’s compact yet extendable kitchen, though slightly smaller than traditional tailgate setups, provides all the essentials for meal preparation.

Interior comforts and customization

Inside, the Dropy offers a cozy and practical layout with dual entry doors, a comfortable double foam mattress, ample storage, and essential lighting facilitated by a 100-Ah AGM battery, with an option to upgrade to lithium. The skylight overhead enriches the interior with natural light and scenic views, rounding off the interior’s simplicity and comfort.

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper Interior
Inside the Dropy trailer.

Drop Campers doesn’t stop at basic configurations. The Dropy teardrop micro-camper can be customized extensively to match individual adventure needs. Options range from solar charging and an Indel compressor fridge to interior diesel heat and various cooking appliances. This level of customization ensures that each Dropy can be tailored to specific preferences, whether for road, all-terrain, or off-road adventures.

Pricing and availability

Introduced at the Barcelona International Caravanning Show, the Dropy’s pricing starts at approximately €21,500 (around US$23,520). A more detailed quote for a fully specced model, including the top-tier off-road package and additional options like a roof rack, underbody protection, and solar charging, can push the price to about €35,510 ($38,850) before VAT. This pricing structure allows buyers to balance their budget against their dream adventure setup.

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper Front Storage Box
The optional fridge fits neatly into the provided aluminum front storage box.

With a lead time of three to four months, Drop Campers builds each trailer at its Barcelona headquarters and offers rentals for those looking to test the waters before committing to a purchase. This flexibility, coupled with a range of customization options, positions the Dropy as a compelling choice for adventurers seeking a balance between ruggedness and comfort in a compact package.

Source: Drop Campers