Bowlus Rivet is a self-propelled, self-powered off-road camper

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper
Bowlus unveils the Rivet, redefining entry-level with an unexpected array of off-grid capabilities and tech enhancements. Images courtesy Bowlus

In the evolving landscape of recreational vehicles, Bowlus stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury. Traditionally known for crafting some of the market’s most luxurious and visually striking camping trailers, Bowlus has taken a strategic step towards making their premium offerings more accessible to a broader audience. The introduction of the Rivet, coming on the heels of the Heritage Edition, marks a notable shift from ultra-premium to premium tiers, targeting a younger, tech-savvy demographic seeking their first foray into the world of caravan adventures.

The Bowlus Rivet, launching in early 2024, doesn’t just lower the entry barrier in terms of pricing but also redefines the expectations from an “entry-level” offering. Priced at a $165,000 MSRP, the same as its predecessor, the Heritage Edition, the Rivet is designed not as a step down but as a reinvention of the Bowlus experience. It sports a return to the company’s iconic shiny aluminum construction, reminiscent of its historical roots dating back to the 1930s, while packing a suite of modern off-grid and off-road capabilities.

Aptly named, the Rivet pays homage to Bowlus’ legacy of riveted aluminum craftsmanship and adds a rugged, adventurous edge to its appeal. It boasts a 3-inch suspension lift and is equipped with Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac all-terrain tires, promising enhanced off-road capability. This 25.3-foot aluminum marvel is primed for adventurers who yearn to explore off the beaten path without sacrificing the comforts of home.

What sets the Bowlus Rivet apart is its emphasis on off-grid readiness. It features an 8-kWh lithium battery—four times the capacity of the Heritage Edition’s initial offering and on par with Bowlus’ higher-tier Terra Firma model. This, along with a 3,000-W pure sine inverter and up to 660 watts of solar panels, ensures that occupants can run all onboard appliances, including heating and air conditioning, independently of external power sources.

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper Battery LPG Tank
The Rivet features an 8-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery and offers the choice of a 17-pound LPG tank.

In a surprising move for an entry-level model, the Rivet introduces the AeroMove system, an optional feature that adds self-propulsion technology to the trailer. With a $10,000 add-on price, this system allows for remote-controlled parking, facilitating easier maneuverability into tight spaces—a boon for both novice and experienced caravaners alike.

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper Towing
The Bowlus Rivet and the Land Rover Defender are a match destined to hit the road together.

Internally, the Rivet maintains Bowlus’ signature layout and luxurious appointments. From the rear double bed conforming to the trailer’s bullet shape to the dry bathroom with teak floored shower and composite countertops in the galley, every aspect reflects a blend of practicality and opulence. The living space, equipped with convertible sofa beds, can comfortably accommodate up to four occupants, ensuring that families or groups can enjoy their wilderness excursions without compromise.

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper AeroMove
The latest AeroMove feature introduces the convenience of parking and maneuvering via remote control.

On the technical front, the Bowlus Rivet does not skimp on essentials. It includes hydronic heating, vented air conditioning, a sizable fresh water tank, and a considerable payload capacity, underlining its preparedness for extended off-grid living.

Preorders for the Rivet are now open, with a $100 refundable deposit signaling Bowlus’ confidence in this model’s appeal. Moreover, the Rivet benefits from a US federal tax credit for residential clean energy, potentially reducing the effective price to $148,500. This credit, covering 30 percent of the cost related to the trailer’s solar and battery storage capabilities, offers an additional incentive for eco-conscious consumers aiming for sustainable luxury.

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper Front Kitchen
Looking back from the Rivet’s front kitchen.

In summary, the Bowlus Rivet stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and accessibility in the camping trailer market. It embodies a harmonious blend of heritage craftsmanship, modern technology, and rugged capability, poised to attract a new generation of adventurers seeking the ultimate off-grid experience. With its strategic pricing and federal tax credit advantage, the Rivet is set to redefine the expectations for what an “entry-level” luxury camping trailer can offer.

Source: Bowlus