Electric Delivery Scooter’s batteries can be automatically changed by a robotic system

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept
The D05 Electric Delivery Scooter introduces a futuristic approach to EV charging with its robotic battery-swapping system, revolutionizing urban deliveries. Images courtesy Carota Design

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is on a steadfast rise, aiming to replace gas-driven vehicles with cleaner, more sustainable alternatives. Despite this upward trajectory, potential EV users often find themselves hesitating due to two major concerns: range anxiety and the lengthy periods required for recharging.

Addressing these concerns, Carota Design, a company based in Hanoi, presents a novel approach with its D05 Electric Delivery Scooter concept. This design uniquely combines utility with innovation, featuring base-mounted batteries that can be automatically exchanged by robotic systems.

Design meets functionality

The D05 is engineered with a focus on utility, particularly catering to the needs of last-mile delivery services. Its design is straightforward yet effective, with a blockish shape that emphasizes its functional components and offers two storage areas for parcels.

The scooter is built to accommodate a single rider, with its low profile and heavy lithium-ion batteries mounted at the base, providing stability. Despite its utilitarian purpose, the D05 boasts a sleek aesthetic, marked by a combination of silver and black parts, accented with splashes of lime green, and completed with futuristic hubless wheels.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

The battery-changing platform: A robotic solution

At the heart of the D05’s innovation is its battery-changing platform. This system enables the automatic swapping of battery packs, requiring the scooter to be simply parked on the platform. A robotic arm then replaces the depleted battery with a fully charged one, a process that is reminiscent of Tesla’s self-plugging charging snake but requires less precision. The platform is capable of storing up to seven battery packs, potentially more with further detailing, allowing for a quick and efficient exchange process that takes under a minute.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

Environmental and operational considerations

While the D05’s battery-swapping mechanism presents a promising solution to EV charging challenges, it also raises some concerns. The necessity for a large number of batteries to ensure availability and manage shortages could pose environmental challenges. Additionally, the uncertainty regarding the health of the replacement batteries could affect consumer confidence, as older batteries might not only offer reduced range but could also introduce safety vulnerabilities.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

To mitigate these issues, a hybrid system that combines traditional charging with battery swapping might be a more viable approach. This would allow users to recharge their scooters through conventional means while still benefiting from the convenience of battery swapping. Furthermore, the recycling of older batteries could alleviate environmental concerns, offering a more sustainable solution in the long term.

Pricing and availability

As the D05 remains a concept, specific pricing details and availability have not been disclosed. The development and implementation of such an innovative system would depend on various factors, including technological advancements, market demand, and environmental considerations.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

Should the concept come to fruition, it would likely include a comprehensive analysis of the costs associated with the scooter and the battery-swapping service, aiming to offer a competitive and sustainable option for delivery services and individual users alike.


The D05 Electric Delivery Scooter by Carota Design presents an inventive approach to overcoming the challenges associated with EV charging times and range anxiety. Through its automatic battery-swapping platform, the D05 offers a glimpse into a future where EVs can be conveniently and efficiently recharged, potentially transforming the landscape of urban mobility.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

However, the success of such a concept will hinge on addressing environmental concerns and ensuring the reliability and safety of the battery-swapping system. As the EV market continues to evolve, innovative solutions like the D05 will play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and efficient future for transportation.

Source: Carota Design