Solar-powered GoCamp ebike micro-camper might be the most sustainable RV out there

GoCamp GoLo eBike Micro Camper
The GoCamp makes a cozy workspace, lounge and overnight shelter for its rider. Images © Flevobike

Over the past few years we’ve seen the number of sustainable RV’s grow significantly. Most have solar power features or are made from sustainable materials, the usual components. But what if that sustainable RV also doubled as an e-bike? The GoCamp is electric, solar powered, and has all you need for a short camping trip.

The company behind the e-bike micro camper

Flevobike Technology is a relatively small Dutch company, and in the past few years they’ve developed and sold the GoLo e-assisted cargo quadricycle. They’ve recently made the GoCamp solar-powered camper as an innovative addition to the GoLo.

What is the GoLo?

The GoCamp has so many different components and features on the structure. Firstly, in order to understand the RV as a whole, we must talk about the e-bike portion of the product, the GoLo.

The GoLo was designed by the company as an ebike specifically made to transport cargo in urban environments. It’s compact and can fit on any cycling path or sidewalk with ease. The standard GoLo cargo bike is able to transport up to 200 kilograms or 440 pounds, although it also comes with another larger version that is able to hold more weight.

The ebike has a 1,000 watt battery and can travel a range of about 30 miles on a single charge.

What is the GoCamp?

Now that we understand the GoLo, we can understand more about the GoCamp, which is designed to be a module you buy along with the ebike. The GoCamp is fully removable from the GoLo for when the owner has no use for it.

GoCamp Slides Off GoLo eBike
When you are done camping, the GoCamp module slides off to free the GoLo cargo bike.

Perhaps one of the more unique features of the GoCamp is its included screen, that users may pull down if they still want to see the view but don’t want to deal with bugs. The roof and the side door of the GoCamp come with a 400 watt solar panel system, and the door doubles as an awning.

Inside of the GoCamp users will have plenty of room to sit, eat, work, and sleep. The front portion of the GoCamp folds out in order for the bed to be laid out fully, with enough space for one single bed (measuring 220 x 85 cm.)

Additionally, inside of the structure there is plenty of storage space for things like small camping gear or work items, and there is even a small fridge. According to the company, the removable tabletop feature has enough space for two people, and it can also be used outside as well.

GoCamp GoLo eBike Micro-Camper Table
The table attaches outdoors, as well as in.

Pricing and availability

Currently, the GoCamp is not yet available for purchase, and is still in its prototype phase. However, manufacturers have released a statement saying that they’ve produced a GoCamp that has already traveled quite a distance across the Netherlands, so look out for it in the future.

Bearing in mind that the starting price of the base GoLo bike is €10,800 (approx. US$11,135), a retail GoCamp setup might end up costing higher than some automotive camping trailers. But it’s certainly an interesting little option for those looking to go small, quiet and green while camping.

Source: GoLo Bike /  Flevobike