Hymer Venture S: Luxurious motorhome with solar panels

Hymer Venture S Luxurious Motorhome
Built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD, the Venture S is designed to be an all-terrain off-grid touring solution. Images © Hymer

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to transition from working in an office to working at home. Suddenly, people just needed a computer and a stable internet connection, and they could work from anywhere. It resulted in many individuals buying vans, packing up their belongings, and hitting the open road. The van life trend primarily took place in the United States, but other countries have also caught on to the trend.

Hymer, a German car manufacturer, recently put the Hymer Venture S on the market. The vehicle is a fully equipped, luxurious motorhome ready to take adventurers and digital nomads to faraway places.

The Hymer Venture S has been years in the making. Hymer wanted to create something comfortable enough to act as a residential home, rugged enough to handle tough terrains, and high-tech enough to be an energy-efficient office on wheels. The company settled on using a Mercedes chassis (4MATIC), which offers all-wheel drive and top-tier performance abilities. Today, the features of the final design give the Hymer Venture S a chance to be a popular option for people looking for something smaller and fancier than an RV with all the same amenities and more.

Living space and loft

Inside the luxury motorhome, the layout and design resemble a modern apartment. The back of the vehicle has a table and comfortable booths on either side, and owners can open the back windows to soak in the gorgeous views. However, even with the windows down, people can still enjoy a 180° view of the outside. If more space is needed, the table can fold and slide under a seat to maximize the area.

Hymer Venture S Back Window 180 Degree View
Back up against a lake shoreline and enjoy dinner with a view.

Along the side of the interior, there are storage containers oddly shaped to resemble a flight of small steps. Well, that’s because when the roof of the van is popped open, the storage space acts as stairs, which lead up to the sleeping area. Up in the loft, there’s a cozy bed and window (with blinds) to take in the scenery. The walls are made of a soft yet robust material and are insulated to protect people from weather, light, and noise.

When it’s time to work, owners can go downstairs and turn the passenger seat into a mobile office. The seat turns around, and a small wooden desk lowers in front of it. There are power outlets to charge electronics, a reading light, and plenty of cubbies to store notebooks and folders.

Kitchenette and bathroom

The luxurious motorhome also has a kitchenette, which includes a two-burner stove, storage, a sink with a stylish backsplash, and a portable BBQ. Hymer wanted to give owners all the amenities of a regular kitchen no matter where the vehicle was parked.

After dinner, when it’s time to wash off after a long day, the Hymer Venture S provides a bathroom area that contains a toilet and sink. However, the walls can be extended to convert the area into a spacious shower.

Solar panels

Having a motorhome is all about going off the grid and getting away from society. The problem is that most vehicles require electric hookups for power. But that’s not the case for this vehicle. Hymer included a solar panel on the roof, which charges a battery than can last up to 10 days with a full charge. Being able to rely on the solar-powered motorhome gives owners a lot more travel options, reduces the overall operating costs, and prolongs the lifespan of the vehicle’s battery system.

Hymer Venture S Pop Up Roof Solar Panels
Inflatable pop-up roof with solar panels.

Price and availability

The Hymer Venture S costs €225,000 (US$227,000) and can be configured on the company’s website.