Wheel-driven track system turns your truck or SUV into a snow track machine

TrackNGo Wheel Driven Track System
The TrackNGo wheel-driven track system incorporates the vehicle's existing tires. Images © TrackNGo

Snow, ice, and sleet create a world of driving problems. Bad conditions can lead to closed roads, accidents, and the inability of emergency responders to reach those in need of help. AD Boivin, a Canadian company, designed a wheel-driven track system that people can install on their vehicles to conquer the most formidable winter conditions. The track system is called TrackNGo and, according to the company, can be a valuable resource for many different industries.

What the track system can do

The TrackNGo system allows vehicles a smooth and reliable ride on hard or dangerous surfaces, such as snow and ice. The mounts are placed on the wheels of a vehicle, which offer a wider surface area and extra traction. These key features keep vehicles from getting stuck or losing control in challenging road conditions. Although the track system was primarily made for snow, it can be used on all surfaces; however, performance will differ.

The company stated that a vehicle could reach speeds up to 60 km/h on hard surfaces and 15 to 40 km/h on snowy surfaces (depending on the depth of the snow). Despite the track system being mounted to all four tires, TrackNGo still allows drivers the ability to easily turn corners and handle the vehicle.

Easy installation

As effective, powerful, and convenient as the wheel-driven track system is, it is surprisingly easy to install. Drivers just have to place the front two mounts on the road and drive the front tires of their vehicles onto them. Once in place, the mounts will lock. The driver repeats these steps for the back mounts. If done correctly, the whole process should only take about 15 minutes.

The TrackNGo system doesn’t require drivers to remove tires or modify their vehicles in any way. When the person is finished using the mounts, the track system can be uninstalled just as easily.

TrackNGo Wheel Driven Track System Installation
You can reportedly install 4 tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes.

Multiple vehicle usage

One of the biggest selling points of the wheel-driven track system is that one set can be used for multiple vehicles. It is a one-size-fits-all product. As long as the driver’s car is of a standard model, it should have no attachment problems. A versatile track system is especially ideal for police stations or national parks since they would only need to buy one or two sets for their entire fleet. On top of its versatility, AD Boivin designed the TrackNGo system to be long-lasting and easily maintained, saving its clients from repair and replacement costs down the line.

What industries can benefit from TrackNGo

The track system was made with certain organizations in mind, such as Fire and Police departments, ski resorts, national parks, transporters, and people who live in remote areas. TrackNGo could be a massive tool for rescue workers who have to save lives in all weather conditions.

Price and availability

The product is currently available on the TrackNGo website, where the company will give you a quote. An official price isn’t listed, but online sources state that a set of the track system costs $25,000.

Source: TrackNGo