XPeng X2 eVTOL ‘flying car’ completes first public flight

XPeng X2 eVTOL Flying Car
The eVTOL Xpeng X2 flew over the landscape of Dubai at Skydive Dubai. Images © XPeng AeroHT

On October 11th, 2022, the XPeng X2 took flight in Dubai and flew for a crowd of spectators. The eVTOL flying car was produced by XPeng Motors–a top Chinese electric vehicle and technology company. The aircraft was revealed to the public in 2021, and XPeng is now taking it around the world (Europe is slated next) to show off the vehicle’s abilities. The goal of the XPeng X2 is to change the future of transportation, and so far, the company is off to a good start.

How does it work

The X2 is a fifth-generation, fully electric flying car. The vehicle has eight propellers and eight electric motors that can send the it to heights of around 1,000 meters and speeds of 130 km/h. XPeng made it an eVTOL aircraft so that it would be able to operate in tight spaces. eVTOL stands for electric vertical take-off and landing. That means the operator of the XPeng X2 wouldn’t need any runway space in order to take off. Once in the air, it has a flight time of approximately 35 minutes.

The eVTOL flying car is like a two-door coupe made with a carbon fiber composite. It can fit two passengers in its luxury seats. XPeng wants the vehicle to be as easy to operate as possible, so it equipped the X2 with autonomous flying abilities. Because aircraft models like this are so new, it’s uncertain whether or not operators will need a pilot’s license.

Including eight propellers not only gives it powerful performance abilities but it’s also a safety feature. If a few propellers malfunction, the aircraft would still be able to fly safely. In the worst-case scenario of an all-out failure, the X2 has a ballistic parachute designed to bring the vehicle and its passengers down to safety.

Who will use the XPeng X2?

The company is hoping urban areas, like congested cities, will be hotspots for the eVTOL XPeng X2. Traffic is becoming a massive problem, and a flying car could be a part of the solution to clear up busy streets. Cities like Dubai that are new and have a lot of money to bring in innovative ideas are especially interested in the X2. XPeng has stated that holding the first public flight in Dubai was not by accident.

XPeng X2 eVTOL Flying Car In Flight
The XPeng X2 eVTOL in flight.

Being able to maneuver quickly through crowded cities and tight spaces opens up a whole world of other possibilities. The eVTOL XPeng X2 could be used for medical emergencies, rescue missions, and more.

Does it drive like a car?

Although the X2 has been described as a flying car, it doesn’t have driving capabilities. So, it’s technically not a car and just a flying aircraft. However, the company believes people will be able to use it instead of cars, which would reduce traffic and lower harmful carbon emission rates.

Price and availability

XPeng X2 eVTOL Flying Car Waterdrop Shaped
The XPeng X2 has an enclosed cockpit, water-drop-shaped design, and sci-fi appearance.

XPeng Motors plans to begin serial production of the X2 sometime in 2024. As of now, experts believe that the eVTOL flying car will cost around $130,000 to $230,000.