Airbag jackets for motorcyclists

Helite airbag jackets offer all-round protection by deploying in the event of a motorcycle crash.

The introduction of airbags in the automotive world has helped prevent many serious injuries and deaths to drivers and passengers alike. Statistics show that airbags and seatbelts in cars could reduce the risk of serious head injury by as much as 80%. For lovers of two-wheeled vehicles, the introduction of motorcycle airbags is a welcome development. Helite is one of the leading manufacturers of airbag systems that are worn by the motorcycle rider in form of vests or jackets. The airbags are designed to offer all-round protection by deploying in the event of a motorcycle crash.

The available range of products

Helite manufactures a wide variety of motorcycle airbags. The airbags come in different shapes and designs but all of them assure the same level of protection for the rider. The airbags manufactured by Helite are listed below:

Airbag Short description
AirnestMotor air vest
Turtle 2Air vest TT Technology
GP AirAirbag racing jacket for the pilots
VentedMesh airbag jacket
TouringMulti-season airbag jacket
CustomAirbag leather vest biker
XenaAirbag leather jacket for women
RoadsterVintage leather motorbike jacket

Features of Helite Airbags

Mechanical trigger system

Helite airbags come with a mechanical trigger system that has been optimally designed to be fool-proof. The airbag is designed to rapidly inflate between the body and the canister. The result is a nice bear hug and a tightness that would minimize the bending of your upper body in the event of a crash. The gas contained in the canister is CO2.

Superior comfort

All Helite airbags have been designed to offer superior comfort to users. No matter the kind of airbag you’re wearing, the manufacturer assures it’ll be just as comfortable as your regular jacket or vest.

Optimally designed CO2 canister

The CO2 canister that comes with Helite airbags has been specially designed to ensure fool-proof deployment whenever you need them. According to the manufacturers, there is little to no risk of accidental deployment because the canister is kept away from the body through a foam rubber pad and an ABS pad. This further ensures you feel no discomfort from the canister when you put the airbag on.

Rapid inflation time and gradual deflation technology

According to the manufacturers, the Helite Airbag system will inflate in less than a tenth of a second (at 250 mbar of pressure). The airbag would stay inflated to support and protect the rider for another 15-20 second after which it gradually deflates over a period of 5 to 7 minutes. You can unscrew and remove the canister if you desire rapid deflation and you can totally unclip and remove the airbag once you’re safe.

Reusable airbags

All Helite airbags are reusable as long as they remain in good condition after the crash. All you have to do is to replace the CO2 canister with a new one. You can get a new cartridge from any Helite dealer worldwide. It is important to ensure you choose a cartridge that corresponds with the size of your airbag.

How to buy

Updated 11th Jan, 2021: You can buy the Helite airbag jacket of your choice from Amazon OR from any of the store or distributors available worldwide. To find a store or distributor near you, make use of the Helite store locator on the company’s official website.

Final note

Helite Motorcycle Airbags could reduce the chances of injury or death arising from a motorcycle crash. However, they are not designed to replace helmets. You should use a Helite airbag in conjunction with your helmet whenever you’re riding a motorcycle.