Mobile stairlift transports riders up and down stairs

The Mobile Stairlift is designed to help transport riders up and down stairs.

People using the wheelchair frequently find themselves in a situation where they need to climb or descend a flight of stairs. Often, the conventional wheelchairs are unable to do this unless the stairs are specially designed to accommodate such. The Mobile Stairlift is the newest innovation in ambulatory mobility and it gives users unlimited access to stairs without a need for pre-installed tracks.

Design and Features

The mobile Stairlift comes fully assembled out of the box and it does not require any tools or assembly. It is designed to carry about 500 pounds as many as 120 flights of stairs on a single charge. The Stairlift is easy to operate but it is recommended that the operator should go through the user manual and practice before carrying a rider.

The Stairlift comes with a moving track attached to its back. This makes it able to climb or descend virtually all types of stairs. The device has been tested on a variety of indoor and outdoor stairs including concrete, tile, metal, and carpet (the carpet must be firmly and uniformly in place) stairs. Even with the impressive level of versatility, the Stairlift is unable to navigate circular stairs.

How to use

  • Unbuckle the seat belt and fold the seat down until you feel it lock into place
  • Charge the battery using the charger in the package for at least four hours to ensure it is fully charged. You can check the battery’s power level by pressing the red button next to the lights on the battery bar
  • Once the battery is fully charged, insert the key on the side of the battery and turn it clockwise to power on the battery
  • It could take a while to master using the stairlift. You should first practice ascending and descending a flight of stairs without a rider to ensure your safety and that of the rider when you eventually work with one
  • Ensure the Stairlift is completely unfolded and the wheels are locked in place once the rider sits down in the seat
  • Before unlocking the wheels, you should also ensure that the safety belt is firmly in place and the rider’s feet are resting on the footrest
  • Back the stair lift up to the staircase and stop when the treads are approximately 10 inches from the bottom stair
  • Push the red track handle towards the arrow to pull the track away from the stair lift until it locks into place
  • Power on the stair lift by flipping the red flip on top of the handlebar
  • Rotate the red knob on the back of the stairlift to extend the handlebar
  • Lean the handlebar towards you to tilt the stairlift back until the treads are resting on the stairs
  • Press the green button while firmly gripping the handlebar
  • Once you are at the top of the stairs and well away from the edge of the stairs, you can lean the handlebars forward to return the stairlift to its bottom four wheels
  • Lock the back wheels and fold the tracks into the upright and locked position
  • Rotate the red knob to slide the handlebar down
  • You can then fold out the handles on the back of the seat and unlock the back wheels to use the Stairlift like a normal wheelchair.
  • While it’s possible for only one person to operate the Stairlift, the manufacturer strongly recommends that a second operator should stand in front of the stairlift and act as a safety spotter. The second operator can support the main operator via the handles on either side of the footrest.

Descending the stairs

The process of descending is similar to the ascending process. However, the operator should ensure that the treads of the Stairlift sit at the approximate angle of the staircase. The device should be titled in this position throughout the descent.


The Stairlift affords users the rare freedom of going anywhere they want because of the absence of worry even when they encounter buildings without an elevator. However, a major limitation is that it cannot be operated by the user. At least one assistant is required to help the user while climbing the stairs.

Pricing info

The Mobile Starlift is currently priced at $2,995. You can visit the official website to place an order. Shipping and other additional costs may apply.