SwitchBot Lock Pro: Unlock your door with voice, fingerprint, passcode, or Apple Watch

SwitchBot Lock Pro Retrofit Smart Lock
SwitchBot Lock Pro is designed to retrofit onto your existing deadbolt door lock. Images courtesy SwitchBot

As we step further into the era of smart home technology, the integration of convenience and security in our daily lives becomes increasingly seamless. SwitchBot, a company renowned for its innovative IoT devices, has once again set a new standard with the launch of the SwitchBot Lock Pro. This smart lock is designed to retrofit onto existing deadbolt door locks, transforming them into smart, secure, and versatile entry points without compromising the aesthetics of your door.

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The evolution of smart locks

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is a significant advancement from its predecessor, offering a plethora of unlocking options. With 15 different methods to choose from, including voice commands, biometrics, numeric PINs, Apple Watch compatibility, and the traditional key, the Lock Pro caters to every user’s preference. This versatility ensures that whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who appreciates the simplicity of a key, the Lock Pro has you covered.

Design and installation

The sleek design of the Lock Pro is not just about looks; it integrates seamlessly with your door frame, enhancing both the functionality and style of your entrance. Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal effort and no specialized tools. Whether you have a US or European deadbolt, SwitchBot provides tailored adapters or mounting plates, making the setup process as straightforward as possible. The ease of installation underscores SwitchBot’s commitment to user-friendly design, ensuring that switching to a smart lock is accessible to everyone.

SwitchBot Lock Pro 15 Ways to Unlock
The Lock Pro offers 15 unique unlocking methods, from voice and biometrics to PINs, Apple Watch, and keys, meeting diverse user needs.

Advanced features and performance

The heart of the SwitchBot Lock Pro lies in its upgraded motor, boasting an impressive 20 kgf/cm² of torque. This power ensures that doors unlock smoothly and swiftly, enhancing user experience. The addition of a numeric keypad and biometric sensor on the exterior allows for various secure and convenient entry methods, including PIN codes and fingerprint recognition. These features, combined with the lock’s ability to store up to 100 fingerprints and support for virtual passwords, position the Lock Pro as a pinnacle of security and convenience.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Smart Fingerprint Unlock
The SwitchBot Lock Pro features rapid 0.3-second fingerprint recognition, storing up to 100 fingerprints for secure, convenient access.

Smart home integration

The compatibility with the Matter IoT protocol is a standout feature of the Lock Pro, enabling it to communicate seamlessly with other smart home devices across various platforms. This integration facilitates a unified smart home ecosystem, allowing for routines such as automatic door locking after midnight, enhancing both convenience and security.

Battery life and environmental consideration

Running on standard AA batteries, the Lock Pro offers an impressive battery life of 6-9 months. The optional SwitchBot Dual Power Pack provides an eco-friendly alternative, with its rechargeable design and innovative relay power system. This approach not only reduces waste but also ensures uninterrupted operation, highlighting SwitchBot’s commitment to sustainability.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Battery Options
The SwitchBot Lock Pro runs on 4 AA batteries for 6-9 months or offers a Dual Power Pack with a max lifespan of 12 months with seamless swapping.

Security measures

The Lock Pro employs AES-128-CTR encryption, providing robust protection against virtual threats. Additionally, the auto-lock feature, utilizing a magnetic sensor, offers an extra layer of security, automatically securing the door based on its open or closed state. Users also benefit from real-time updates on lock and door statuses via their phones, ensuring peace of mind.

A versatile addition to the smart home ecosystem

The introduction of the SwitchBot Lock Pro into the market isn’t just about adding another product; it marks a continuation of SwitchBot’s legacy in redefining the smart home experience. Known for its inventive IoT solutions, SwitchBot has a history of transforming everyday tasks with devices like the award-winning curtain robot, a clever gadget that automates curtain movement, the ingenious button pusher that upgrades regular switches to smart ones, and the Meter, a precise tool for monitoring temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal comfort in every room.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Retrofit Smart Lock Matter
The SwitchBot Lock Pro, with full Matter support via the Hub Mini, enables smarter, more flexible home security integration.

The Lock Pro emerges as a seamless extension of this innovative ecosystem, enhancing the original Lock with advanced features like keypad and fingerprint entry. It’s designed not just for those seeking advanced home security, but also for anyone aiming to integrate smart convenience into their lifestyle, from families to Airbnb hosts, showcasing SwitchBot’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Click Here to Buy Now for just $89.99 $119.99 (Use coupon code on the website to get $30 off). Hurry, offer ends soon!

SwitchBot Lock Pro Retrofit Smart Lock Matter Apple Home
Use SwitchBot Lock Pro in Apple Home, all thanks to Matter.